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There's Nothing Left That Can Take Me Away

One of the drawbacks of being eclectic(polite term for weird perhaps)is having so many paths to choose.I love playing traditional music'but I also love to Rawk, Dudes.Writing has always been kind of hard for me because I pay to much attention to my internal filter.Sometimes I choose to ignore it.

The Salty Dog Blues

This is another time honored chestnut.Perhaps you are familiar with versions by Flatt and Scruggs ,Mississippi John Hurt or Papa Charlie Jackson to name a few.Those versions tend to use movement around the wheel of fifths as part of their structure.The version I have been inspired by(polite term for ripped off)is from the catalogue of Sam and Kirk McGee.I have always been intrigued by their version because of its use of A minor as its tonal center in the beginning of the song and its eventual resolution to its relative C major.

Pretty Polly

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Polly_(ballad)Pretty Polly is a good example of a timeless song rooted in ancient ballads from the 1700's.Through a little thing we call the folk process,this song has endured into present time.If you follow the Wikipedia link at the top of the page.you can learn more about the history of this song.My version was inspired by Lily May Ledford and the Coon Creek Girls.

What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?

This song is a bluegrass and old time country gospel classic.My version is inspired by the Monroe Brothers.

Self editing

While I normally make sure that I am %100 happy with the songs I post/sometimes I am in too much of a hurry to post.Yesterday I posted A rendition of Way Out On The Mountain.I have decided to redo the vocal because I know that I can do it better.If I am happy with it that normally means that its probably fit for consumption.Thanks for listening.

Way Out on The Mountain

Here is another song about mountains.This version was made popular by Jimmy Rodgers (The Yodelin Brakeman).I have another version by Riley Puckett(also with yodeling) this song must have been a popular hit of the day.All apologies are extended to Mr. Rodgers

The Bad Luck Blues

This song is of course learned from the great and strange Blind Lemon Jefferson.It is hard to tell from his recordings what his music must have sounded like in the room.Instead of trying to ape his every move(a fools errand at best)I reimagined it as a jug band version.Might as well have some fun.

She's My Curly Headed Baby

As far as I know,the authorship of this song is accredited to Woody Guthrie.The artists who served as an inspiration for my rendering of this piece would be The Callahan Brothers/ another one of those great 1930's brother duo's.I have performed this many times with my partner Cliff Chandler in the old time country duo NorthWater.This is my own version of this great tune.

Hearts At A Distance

Here Is a new tune that I wrote.Once I had the idea in my head I slammed it together pretty fast.Hope you give it a listen.

Mark DiGennaro
Mark DiGennaro  (almost 2 years ago)

Nice mix of different instruments. Guitar (of course), but did I hear a mandolin and even a dulcimer?

Darlin Cory

This is another of one of those songs that has been around for a long time and has been covered a lot.A staple of the folk boom in the 50's and 60"s my version is inspired by the playing of and singing of The Monroe Brothers from the 1930's.