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Dana Klipp / Blog


Todays sermon concerns the topic of labeling.If I have been cursed by one problem thru my years in music it would be(besides lack of monetary recompense) the inability of said fans to put a label on what type of music it is exactly that I play.It's not that the music I play is confusing,because most of the stuff I do is elemental and heartfelt(No 15/8 time signatures for the sake of being clever.)I like to play blues,I like to play screamin electric guitar,I play old time string band,I love all the great acoustic country blues that there is to be had.I could go on If I wanted but you would be asleep before you had finished the list.This would be away of explaining the music that I choose to represent to you on this site,my main intention being at this point to share with you some of my musical journeys.When I signed up for this site I was confronted with a list of musical genres,from which I was supposed to pick one that would sum up where I am at musically.Sorry,but that cannot be done.I have been on this planet for 60 good years and I have a great love for all of the styles of music that I have learned to play over the years.Every choice was heartfelt andf I threw myself into all of those with great love and abandon.I have played in enough bars to know that some would look upon this as bad career move.Can't help it.Most of the bands I played in usually followed the same philosophy and probably left bar owners and listeners a little confused.At the risk of sounding condescending,all I can say is that it felt right to me.OK lets cut to the chase.Even tho I chose Americana as my official genre for reverb nation,I love to play electric guitar along with other music of all stripes.Not going to cover King Crimson tunes here,but posting a nice electric blues tune isn't that far off the mark.(Isn't blues ultimately an American Music?Throw off the shackles of labeling and enjoy the ride.Peace and Out Dana Klipp

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I must admit that I am new to most of the technical savvy that it takes to upload tunes to Reverb Nation or any other type of music sharing site.Let me explain my conundrum.The songs that I have been recording are arrangements of traditional tunes or songs whose perfomances are inspired by the recordings of classic country and old time performances from the 1920's on.As in my playing with the duo ,"Northwater" they are arranged to suit my playing style.Here are some examples.A song by Uncle Dave Macon/Railroadin and Gamblin. I am familiar with a version off of An early New Lost City Ramblers album as well as the version recorded By Uncle Dave himself.I learned to play this song back in 1985 and have perfomed it on radio and in festivals many times.If I were to upload it as an audio file to this site I am asked to make sure that I have permission.That is if it still is covered by some copyright.Most of the songs we are talking about may have been covered by multiple artists back in the day.A song like When I'm Gone is available by many artists with their own arrangement slightly differing lyrics but based on the same Idea.How many songs have you heard that have the same lyric phrases.Good example "I'd rather be in some dark holler?where the sun refused to shine You get the picture.I want to make sure that I am not in violation of any copyright laws before I start uploading music.If anybody has insight into this problem I would appreciate your input

Here I go!

So my name is Dana.Some people called me Mr. Hollywood.My son calls me a disgruntled old man.He is 13 and I am 60.Dispite the obvious generation gap involved,he likes the music from the 60's more than anything that is out there now(except Black Keys)Thats cool.I think that stuff is great also.When I was growing up,my father listened to alot of music that us youngsters thought was square .But thanks to my Dad(who has just recently passed away) we were exposed to the likes of Elizabeth Cotten/ Mississippi John Hurt/ The New Lost City Ramblers/Dave Van Ronk/Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Other Chicago Blues/ Joan Baez/Odetta/bluegrass music/brazilian jazz/classical music broadway musicals yata yata yata.We had to sneak Beatle albums into the house because he was sure that listening to such stuff would some how cause his stereo to spontaneously combust.It didn't.Somehow along the way.over the years,it became apparent that my Dad wasn't the square old fart that any self respecting adolescent was supposed to view their parent as.In the years that followed,when I began to step out and play,He was as much of a fan of my craft as anybody who would see me play.Now I am that old fart and my son,even tho he hates to admit it,has more in common with the music that I knew when I was his age than I could have claimed for my Father.I hope that I have passed the concept of musical open mindedness along to my son in the same fashion that my Dad passed it along to me.After all,good music is always good music.It some times takes a little while to catch up with you,and may require a little effort to appreciate.This would be a celebration of the wonderful gift that was bestowed upon me by my dad and the joy I feel in having a son,whose musical talents are growing at a pace I would never have imagined .We jam purty damn good,too.