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The Punknecks & Hillbilly Harlots

The Punknecks are heading down to Florida and bringing the Hillbilly Harlots with them! Check out Tour Dates on www.punknecks.com

we are known for this for sure…

Nashville-based band Jason and the Punknecks is known for its trashy, high-energy style of punk-country. The band’s chief members, Guitarist/Mandolinist Jason Punkneck and Polly Punkneck, share vocal, guitar and percussion duties.

The hillbilly-punks find inspiration not only in Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings, but also the Ramones and Pennywise.


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get your friends involved

the Punknecks are reaching out to our friends to help get their/your friends involved with our style of ENTERTAINMENT.. PUnky Tonkin Cowpunkin AMERICANA LIKE NO OTHERS music..LOL HIGH ENERGY FUN STAGE BANTER tell some folx http://punknecks.com

Now Booking some of the Northeast

the Punknecks looking for shows : Virginia and west virginia and pennsylvania also maryland for Late september and early october

Facebook us or email us @


we also need some local bands to open some of our shows in their cites for support,any help would be appreciated thanx

Now Booking Virginia

The Punknecks Family Tour is a 2hour event with Punkecks alter Bands now booking Virginia for October

Made it to Nashville

Fukkin A!!! we Made it to Nashville, we Have a pretty hectic schedule but we are PLayin in and out of Nashville area til right After the Ink Iron Festival in Nashville

Glad to be in the south again..

come see us and tell some friends about us.. http://punknecks.com

hitting the road

get the rental car and rollin on towards the south.. we are very excited to hit the road long couple weeks sitting around.. thanx to the few that donated to our Situation.

we do have a Paypal thepunknecks@gmail.com if ya want to help us in this Matter of looking for a van or camper….. ..we will be eating fast food til we find something cause we won't have our camper with us…and that sux..lol see ya at our shows hopefully you will come out and see us..

our Van Got totaled in Kansas

the Punkencks Van was totaled in wichita this week.now on for the new frontier of getting a new tour vehicle..wish us luck.. if ya wanna donate to our cause 25 box or more we will send out a punk necks tshirt

paypal thepunknecks@gmail.com thanx

no worrys if ya can't.

Punknecks Now Booking your Area!!!!

hey hey

the Punknecks are looking for a show in your Area

Punknecks Nashville, Tennessee The Punknecks (AKA Jason and the Punknecks) are a High Energy Punk-Country Show! Fronted by Jason and Polly Punkneck who deliver a Raw Guy/Girl Harmony Sound, backed by Hard Driven Acoustic Music! punknecks.com

we are looking for shows for Detroit , flint,,ferndale,hamtramkarea's September 15 16 20 21 22 23 23 also

october for Maryland and virginia please check out our tour dates and help us get in your Bar

MId Summers Dream,

it was so awesome to go experience the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado,it was a very American moment for me and Polly having the Liberty to go Buy weed and it be legal.. so many different types of herbs from candy to smoke to even Patches..awesome..

now back to business we are heading Back thru the Midwest to Tenneessee and then down south to florida and we are gonna be rockin Nashvilles Ink and Iron fest heres dates and line up link


Make sure to Listen to the Punknecks on any Touchtunes Jukebox also download us @