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New Tour Dates Posted

are tour dates are Loadin down go check them out here on reverberation also tell some friends about Jason and Polly Punkneck "The Punknecks" the Most dangerous duet In country Music….

youtube us google us get us to your town to rock your face off…


The Punknecks Wanna wish All of the entire Earth a Happy HoliDaze!!!! send your friends this video also on iTunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmRp_EAqvko

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now Booking January and february Mid south

email Punknecks@rock.com

New Punknecks Music video!!!


getting ready

now you can book the Punknecks on Facebook http://facebook.com/bookingthepunknecks or email punknecks@rock.com

currently preparing for our southern tour of texas.. if ya aint already go download The Punknecks On iTunes or amazon or cdbaby also on band camp also new video is out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmRp_EAqvko

st.louis then Home to Nashville

really excited to rock st,louis this weekend comin up.. totally stoked bout bein in nashville for a couple of weeks new tour dates posted check em out make sure to hashtag pictures and videos by the Punknecks #Punknecks

looking forward to seein everyone of yall out at one of our upcoming shows.. see ya soon

Now Booking!!! ya might wanna look.?

Jason and the Punknecks are Now Booking the Mid-south states such as Tennessee,kentucky,alabama,and georgia for dec jan and feb

also we are booking the west Coast for March 18,19,20,21,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,,30

email punknecks@rock.com

aslo make sure to look at our tour dates for new cities we are plain

Midwest Rockin Punknecks Style!!!

if your in the midwest like kansas or nebraska,Missouri look for us rollin thru your town this month.. also we wanna thank all our friends out there that have been at all our shows,,we fukkin luv you guys and dolls...seriously..

make sure to check our tour dates out and share with your friends if you see we are comin to your town

we are now booking : texas for november arkansas for november and tennessee for november email punknecks@rock.com if ya wanna book us.. post your punknecks pictures hashtag #punknecks

we are always Rockin in the USA!!!

if ya wanna book Jason and the Punknecks Email: Punknecks@rock.com

the Punknecks are Now Booking Texas for Novemeber also now Booking Alabama and florida and georgia for DEcember email punknecks@rock.com if interested share this link with your friends.. http://punknecks.com