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Béla Takes Chase / Blog

3rd Nov

Hey you…there….   So the campaign for my single "Miles Away" is slowly drawing to a close, and what a three months its been!! But its not over yet.   A little few updates from me Bela..hey. On the 18th of Oct I did a gig at the Underbelly Hoxton. Thanks to everyone who came, we had a great turn out and thank you to Daniel. You may have seen him, he is the guy playing drums behind me, who brought his entire family from Switzerland over…not just to see me of course he got married last weekend yeaaaah, some of us had to much champagne not naming names…Bela…shit. But that was a great gig, thanks to the band who were great. You can have a look at some live footage, my song "Compulsory Resolution" I did have to take my in ears out, that wasn’t me trying to look cool they genuinely stopped working http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCesuwwO9ng   So this week on the 1st of nov hmmm getting cold, but I did a gig at the buffalo bar in Highbury in Islington. It was a nice cosy night and my six piece band managed to fit on the stage. It was a great night.   The EP is up on ITunes so have geezer there if you want. And in pipelines now is a new photo shoot for some reason I have decided I want to do it outside…in the middle of December perhaps could have thought for wisely about that but anyway.

And I have been back to the drawing board aka writing ready for the studio later this month followed by a single release in feb/march hoorah!!!   Anyway were not finished yet with Miles Away so more gigs and news coming so stay tuned…ok….   Thanks again to everyone for your support Lots of love Bela xxxx

16th Oct

Right!!!!on!!!!!!!, Hey, what’s going on, just giving a little up date, 2 weeks ago I played the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town and I am pleased to say that I did not in fact get the words wrong to my own songs, which I am known for doing and I also did not back flip of the stage to then freeze frame in the fonzy thumbs up position I am still practicing for this move. Thankfully the band could fit on the stage yay, and it went really well thank you to everyone that came.special thanks to the sound guy who was proper helpful. A little wander back to my barefoot acoustic days, me and basscat Josh played a nice little set last wed at Powers Bar, thanks to the wonderful Liz Scott and Patrick for putting us on and also a big happy birthday to Josh. There was much drinking of mojitos and debates over who played bass on the Jackson five records after the gig. Its always nice to play on my acoustic every now and then, just the two of us, for we have been through so much together.   But get exited like really exited because on the 18th which is Thursday I repeat Thursday I will be joined by full band at the Hoxton Underbelly at 8PM!!! So do wander down and hang out with the trendys and see some music. I will also be selling copies of my new EP.   Speaking of EP, Rough Luxe is now on ITunes for you all to purchase or just look at or play five seconds of the song like you can do !!!!!   I would also like to give a special mention to my mother who us currently giving a paper in India on social freedom/rights/equality and using as her prime example Pussy Riot whom I hope everyone is aware of. Now I cant say I'm in favour of hearing my mother say the word Pussy as you can imagine, however it is for a great purpose and a much needed united front not only for women not only for an artist but for all humanity and our freedom to speak out against injustice….hear, hear ring my little justice bell….i don’t have a justice bell but if I did boy would I ring it.

Finally congrats to drummer Daniel for this saturday. xxxx   Anyway will have more updates next week, don’t forget to come on down to the Underbelly on Thursday or have a listen to my new EP coooool!!!

  Lots of love Bela

Oct 1st


 Kind of cold out…..but things a warmer up here as we head into gig season!!!.

Gig season a time for beer and yelling so much love around.

 If you are interested and I hope you will be, I am about to embark on a mini tour of London town in support of my EP and debut Single release, The EP is called Rough Luxe and the single Miles Away once again I repeat Miles……Away.

I did an acoustic gig at Soho House last week, a london fashion week event and One on One reviewed it (http://www.oneononemusic.co.uk/#/bela-chase-live/4569226552) and mentioned in the review how great the CD looks which was very kind. It does look pretty cool.

You can actually catch me at the Bull and Gate Kentish Town this Thursday Oct 4th, it should be a most good event, most good indeed. The first 10 people in will all get a free copy of the EP so get there early! I'm on at 8.

And for those who are currently sun bathing in Barbados and trekking through Spain don’t worry because the Hoxton underbelly is on the 18th of October so it would be great to see you all there.

 Also you can now purchase “All for you” my collaboration in Manchester DJ audiofun such a nice kid, ITS ON ITUNES LIKE NOW YEAH

 An awkward moment in rehearsal yesterday where I tried to explain to the boys that the song should sound like a storm…remember kids if you’re an artist no one can understand what goes on in your head so don’t even bother trying to explain it with words just do it through your art…..or other wise you my end up looking foolish….like a storm.

Where nearly there though! My release is just around the corner and with new PR man Dan Theo its exciting to see what is coming up.

A big special thanks to the team at Hart Media I am no being play listed on over 250 radio station throughout the UK so do keep an ear out or two or three.

 Other then that I hope all is well with everyone and don’t forget to come visit me at one of my gigs for a pint of vodka… I mean some great music. Again thank you all for your support it’s very encouraging


Lots and lots of love

Bèla xxxxx

16 september


What are you doing?

You know what! I’m excited, yes excited to play an acoustic set down at Soho house on Monday as part of the notorious London Fashion week supporting LA band Early Morning Rebel, Hellls yeaaaaah!! What will I wear? Nothing expensive, people can assume.

 So rolling with the punchers still, this week I have been feature artist on Turn On Tune In http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lFfPhbgj2I , a great online support of artists you can check it out on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/belatakeschase there’s an interview and some songs and some nice south bank background so thanks to the boys for doing a great job!.

 Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet as!!!! Also I have been added to the Q radio station play list hooray, so keep an ear out for me.

Everyone has been working had gearing up for the EP release in October, just another reminder to keep an eye out for the gigs on my facebook page and website. http://belatakeschase.com/

At last my collab with AudioFun can be purchased on I Tunes. Sorry for the hold up, I know a lot of you were wanting to buy it, well now you can ! Heres the link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/all-for-you-feat.-bela-takes/id558342453

 I’m also feeling……thoughtful if you will, a hectic last few weeks emotions were on an all time high, but here’s the solution I have taken myself back into the studio room and will let paper, pen and guitar deal with it. The more and more I get asked about my songs the more and more I take a notice of them, until now I would just write because I could, but at this stage I’m trying to do more…boring I know…..do I know what I’m talking about ?probably not! I’m rambling,lost a lot of blood today and now there’s a little green dragon sitting next to me telling me to write a novel…well then until next time, don’t forget you can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/BelaTakesChase and keep an eye out for the dates of the 4th October at the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town and the 18th of October at the Hoxton Underbellythey should be swell!!!!!!!!


Bela x

Sept 8th

Heeeeeeeeey everybody,

Are you alright? Just a quick update, things are really going well, a couple of days ago I received a long awaited delivery of, yes you guessed it, my EP’s. Finally the Rough Luxe boxes arrived. A few years ago a carried a small box of 100 CD’s across Sydney, this was my first release and the beginning of this adventure, today I stand surrounded by 1000 CD’s ready to be shipped and ready to be heard. And at the end of October when Miles Away is officially released, hopefully there will be none left! But to all those wondering, the EP will be up on I Tunes very very soon. However I would love to see you down at one of my gigs so I can look deeply and lovingly into you’re eyes and place one in your hands myself.


Speaking of gigs I did my first gig at the Good Ship on Tuesday night, thanks to everyone who came down or up, and special thanks to my amazing band. It was a magical night and over all the performance was much fun, but never fear if your around East London on the 27th of September drop on by to the Shoreditch pub where I will be playing that night.


If your one for online video watching, I have to say that the official video for Miles away is now….up and Away, a wonderful job by Michael and Alex super star directors and editors , so do take a geezer at this one, especially if you like feathers I’m hoping no birds were harmed in the making. http://youtu.be/USZoC1BmfSM leave a comment as well, cos I'd love to know what you think


And also as an artist I have to do my part in this, not just because I am a female artist but also because I am human, I would like to send my love, my respect and all my blessings to Pussy Riot, what they are going through is almost disgustingly surreal I dread to think that we live in this kind of world, where artist are kept from making art!!, art and music is what keeps this world alive, how can we be trying to stomp that out, if you aren’t making a fuss about Pussy Riot try to find out the story The whole world needs to yell, to get these girls out of this situation and back into making music, which everyone anywhere, any day has a right to do! So my prayers will be sent to them.


All said and done another gentle reminder to keep an eye out for the gigs, and have sneak at the video, remember if its your hearts desire, you can follow me on twitter and I will like totally tell you when shit happens man!!!!


Lots and lots of love

Bela Takes Chase

20th August

It’s nice to have certain moments that remind you of why you do what you do, with this fast paced experience of my first release, I had an uplifting experience in my writing session with Blair Mackitchen last Tuesday in Hastings. His approach and over all deliverance to music was incredibly warming, and as one writer to another finally the most important thing in the room was the music being created, something about the sea air (it’s a channel….not a sea…but what ever, what do I know I only grew up on a coastal town in Australia) was very soothing and I have to say the song that was produced even though not finished yet was ….well….great!…I hope. So I will be back with Blair to finish it off in September and then hopefully to the ears of you people.


Very exited to say that the EP will be pressed this week, I remember my first EP back in 2009, I picked it up from a shop in Sydney in a little cardboard box and walked it all the way across central Sydney to my place, I am very pleased to say that I will not be doing this, this time. As there are a lot more copies!! The design is beautiful and I am very exited to get it out to the public, like now!!! but not until October ohhh. It’s a very cool but strange sensation to physically hold your work in your hands, as a musician most of the time our work is heard, so every now and then it’s nice to see it in writing if you know what I mean.


And!!! If you have been sneakily peaking at Facebook,Reverbnation or my website one would see that the gigs our starting to appear!!!! Alriiiiiight. First 27th of sep at the Shoreditch should be rocking when I say rocking I mean indie pop rocking with a little acoustic feel to it….you know what I mean rough luxen the shit out of that stage so do wonder down if your in the area, if not whoa don’t look now but the 18th of October is the Hoxton underbelly so yeah…….

2nd August 2012

Hey....there....you guys   Can you imagine if artists had superpowers? do you think we'd abuse them? we probably would. Justin Beiber would no longer need to be hooked up to a rope when he wanted to soar above the audience, he could just fly……hmmm…..I don't know if we would use them for good though, you may have noticed that most artist aren't really about hiding there identity.....except for maybe Slipknot.

Anyway i'm just saying that coz i've hit a wall with my health, i need a bite from a radioactive spider! All good though, I will be back on my feet in no time at all, because!!!!!!!!! I've got gigs coming up and I'm dam exited. End of September here I come London, you better be ready.   I got my first pair of In Ears monitors made up on Tuesday so now i can look like Bono on stage ,pulling them out when i want to talk to the crowd and putting them back in when i'm going to start singing, yes these are all logical things to think about when getting In Ears.   In other news, there's a ginger cat that keeps coming into my apartment through the window. Why Cat? Why so quiet as well? One moment I will be watching Australia not giving their best performance in the Olympics (i'm still proud of you) and the next moment cat face right there, right beside me, much like a raptor in Jurassic Park, they attack from the side. As you have guessed, these flu like symptoms are starting to have an effect on my mental stability.   Anyway……My track with Audiofun (Its All For You) is officially being released on the 5th of August and will be on I Tunes, its very exiting. The video on Youtube has rocketed up to a lot, i cant remember how much,  but its good! Cant wait to see what this track brings.   Also been slamming it in the studio with big boss Glenn Skinner, always love some quality studio time, and very exited about my upcoming video to go with my single "Miles Away" i think i know who the director is and i'm very exited to be working with him again but until things are finalised i will stay on the down low, but i'm talking some coool dark shady lights maybe some smoke, its going to be well gooood.   The Olympics are making me a tad homesick i must say , I am missing the Australian cries of joy and sadness at sporting events, but head up high and carry on.   But all good here. Bela HQ are working incredibly hard to get this release up to speed, i'd like to give a special shout out to Glenn Skinner, who's probably the hardest working man in the industry at the moment.   very very exited   lots of love Bela xxxxx

PS don't miss next blog. There will be so confirmed gig dates!!.  

27th July

gooood day!   i think i'm feeling some sort of pressure yet excitement for the months ahead, which can only be a good thing. It's hard to to decide how close you're goals really are; you may think they are in sight, but it could be a mirage. I think the right thing to do is to try make that mirage a physical thing and stick to it.

I had a meeting yesterday about my new video shoot for my single "Miles Away". I want to do myself and the song justice, and though i do keep a lot of things to myself, through music i am able to release them. This clip will be a great yet good challenge for me to pour myself into a vision. especially with Miles Away being such a lost lyrical song, one knows that there is a great sadness behind this, however i want to show the beauty of that sadness and how self defeat and brokenness can be turned into something stronger and more positive if an individual can let themselves be in that darkness. Although the lyrics of my song don't have much resolution, my ideas for this video will be that although you cant see it, there could be some kind of freedom at the end. So in other words I am way exited for mid august when we begin the long day of shooting hazzzaaar!!!   I had a productive day yesterday, three of us in the studio, Glenn Skinner and Louis Skinner with one tiny little fan that only went to the power of 2, there wasn't even the choice of number 3 on there …..hmmmm.

However the sunlit room dimmed by the blinds and the heat from the equipment provided a warm feeling of home, thus the vibe was incredibly spot on. Louis laid down a guitar track for like the five hundredth time on "Attempted"….ahh "Attempted" my Mount Everest so far, i begun to write this song in 2009 when i first arrived in London, full of energy and spirit but as i changed and my music changed i found it harder and harder to introduce it into my new genre, but now finally I think we have reached a point when its ready, i know the wonders of song writing and 3 minute songs 3 years in the making!!   I am really exited about my release as it draws somewhat closer. The race begins but i don't know what i'm racing against, I'd like to say time….i don't know if any of what i just wrote makes sense, it doesn't to me .why am i still typing? Lets go to the next paragraph.   Lets talk Olympics…Just kidding, no one wants to hear anymore about it, I know.   I think i am pushing myself more and more as a writer especially with my lyrics. Being a girl who never really liked to talk much about her feelings (ewww feelings) I am now finding new ways to lyrically interest myself, new words ( should have listened more in English) new ways to write. I never want to stop growing as a writer, i always want to be pushed...gently of course.

In other news my left arm now looks bigger then my right, as i have been carrying my guitar from south to north to east london every week. One should maybe alternate between arms but my right arm is for my Ipod. I should get a smaller case.....or a roadie.....a girl can dream   Anyway until next time. Try not to use your air conditioners ,they are not great for the environment. Instead how about paying the neighbours son to fan you with a fern leaf? Its good for your self esteem, it keeps them off the street and its a great way to assert your superiority to the passers by   lots of love Bela

PS Keep an eye out for new acoustic videos coming to a YouTube near you soon, new songs sound good…… will be filmed next week ….excited.

20th July

So! yeah! hmmm. Rehearsals for the live gigs are well and truly under way, everything is sounding great, with my drummer Dan making everything as it should be. i had a great writing session with my guitarist and long time friend Louis Skinner and then headed into the studio with it last week. The song sounds great and should be something to wiggle along to when we finished. On the topic of song writing headed back into the studio with Pete Glenister on Tuesday and three chorus later we finished a new song, "Wreckless" keeping with my more acoustic style its sounding really good.   i have been back in the studio finishing my new song Attempted, its been an incredibly long process with this song but we've finally got something that both i and my producer Glenn Skinner are happy with its a big tune and when its released i hope people will enjoy coz its taken a really long long time to finish ehhhhh.   Been doing some interviews and what not, i think i'm coming off ok.......yeah. there's been some great reviews been written about me thanks to the writers and also my great PR company Big Bear and Ryan and Dan over there who have been working like crazy for me. Being likened to Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra is very very humbling.   Other then that exited about my impending release as it gets closer, very very busy but its good, been writing a lot as well so everything is coool   much love Bela xx

July 13

Good morning, evening time,   Right just a quick hello, rehearsals are going great! rehearsed "Eyepennies" last monday, so much ambiance in the room, you can never have too much ambiance, NEVER!. feeling really good about the live gigs in sept.

Tuesday was the awesome, writing session with my lead guitarist and best friend also lead guitarist of Chasing Suns Louis Skinner! Was a great few hours and very happy with the song, will be heading into the studio on saturday with my producer and louis to whack this bitch down yeah audio.   thanks to everyone supporting me on youtube i'm over 10,000 views now, and to think so many people have seem so much of my side boob, i'm all about the side boob at the moment, sorry mum.   my collaboration with dj genius Audiofun is going great, thank you also to everyone who has supported our track   Had a meeting with Martin Brammer and Adam, it was great to slow down and talk the purity of songwriting for an hour, because to me songwriting should be organic and i intend to keep it that way. Speaking on songwriting, excited for tuesday as i will be heading back to Pete Glenister's wonderful studio to finish the new song I'm writing with him should be most good, he's a great songwriter. Still on the songwriting front been writing more new songs on the rise, also finally back in the studio with Glenn Skinner redoing and finishing up my new song Attempted which was released about a year ago but we've redone it for the masses so keep your ears up for that little ditty.   Also thanks to Bigbear PR, two immense young men Dan and Ryan who are working very hard for me at the moment and getting great results on that thing you kids call the internet cheers boys!   well well busy week ahead next week, all is well well is all, just a big special shout out to everyone who is supporting me at the moment i really really appreciate it and look forward to releasing the EP and getting on stage very very shortly.   love Bela