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Didgeridoo and rock? ramdam-didge-and-guitar LLC

Want to add a new dimension to your music? A sound so primal and compelling that it's been around thousands of years...from Australia, the didgeridoo (the didge.) These magnificent instruments are made of eucalyptus wood and naturally hollowed out by termites. The didge maker finishes the process, cuts it to the desired key and treats the wood. It's a sound universally recognised - but the instrument itself, is rarely identified (or pronounced correctly...) A good portion of my music has didge in it. If you think you would like to obtain one of these fantastic instruments, visit ramdam-didge-and-guitar.com. We carry didges from three of Australia's premier makers: Tynon Bradford-Alaom; Adam "Crookedstixz" Henwood; and Earl Clements. Click on the didge image to hear a sample from that particular instrument. Check it out!

Scott Ainslie

Scott is unique in a number of ways. He is a superb blues guitar player and he weaves the history of the blues greats into his performances. If you have any interest in American roots music check him out at http://deltabluespilgrimage.com/ or cattailmusic.com

Acoustic Guitar in the UK

Highly recommend Paul Sale to hear some quality acoustic guitar playing. You can check him out on Soundcloud or face book.

Frog Logic - get some...

I highly recommend checking out David B. Rutherford, owner and creator of "Frog Logic" on Facebook. Dave has a knack for boiling down concepts that affect our lives on a daily basis. He does this by drawing on his time as a US Navy SEAL and applying the lessons to life. Check him out - you will be glad you did.


Family is gone for a few weeks, the house which is usually happily hectic is quiet. I've gone almost a week without stepping on a kid's toy.....