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State Ya Biz with Meech Jones Pr.Com

“State Ya Biz” Does Cleveland Underground Hip Hop Rap Legend & GMS columnist Suave Goddi and Ohio Major Recording Artist & Rock World AEHO Corp Executive have beef and if so what for? One now a Executive and major industry recording artist and his imprint was picked up last September in 2011. The other has long hosted freestyle competitions for up and coming artist in Ohio. Sources have it that two stayed in contact while King F.I.N.O. was in the deep South not to far from Magnolia finishing up getting the contract signed. Both came up through the Cleveland ranks of hip hop in the same camp and mass network (Strong Arm Entertainment) with the likes of Ray Cash and Aftermath's L.T. Moe. The rumor is Suave Goddi has played a large role in some botched concert promotions in the Northern Region which have done some damage to King F.I.N.O. heavily supported platinum international debut status. King F.I.N.O. pays un-embracing homage in "State Ya Biz" to Suave Goddi which can be found on King F.I.N.O. "Can't Knock The Hustle; The Press Release" commercial mix-tape. This is not the first incident between the two separate camps. It is Suave Goddi that King F.I.N.O. credits to opening his eyes to who B.I.G. is and was as a MC back in those Strong Arm Entertainment days. This could be based on the bond that was forging between Suave Goddi producer Jason Taylor and King F.I.N.O. While working on the Hevy Hittaz first album along with the inner working of F.I.N.O. album. Jason Taylor said he had began to take a liking to the Hevy Hittaz aka Me Familia. Jason Taylor had seen enough to want to bring King F.I.N.O. along with his Hevy Hitta counter part on board completely and offered King F.I.N.O. a solo label agreement. Things got really explosive following that. Even so King F.I.N.O. and Suave Goddi kind of hung back. Which would beckoned the question are they at odds and if so why? Even with King F.I.N.O. man Juice Jones which he did a lot of big concerts in Ohio with looming it would be unanimous withstanding Praise Money and Gel close friend of King F.I.N.O. and UGK Recording Artist to usher in one of Hip Hops claim of Cleveland territory out right. It was Suave who pushed the envelope in those days with his big marketing and media ideas in those days. "State Ya Biz" might not be so much a dis record but more of a gut check. You be the judge. "It's nothin personal kid, state ya biz".

Zoolander Interveiw

{MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: Who is King F.I.N.O.? {SPB} SPB Management: He is a number of things, he is a Kid born and raised in the former 2nd Ward neighborhood of North City Heights (newly 3rd Ward); a burrough in Clevelands industrial district. North City also once know as New Jack City has been the grooming grounds of Dynasty mentionable talent. 3rd Ward has produced legendary mc of the New Wave Crew; Kid Pierre, legendary mixtape DJ; DJ Supreme and his DS1 Crew. The legendary Radio One radio personality and Brooklyn Kid Joe X. The burrough has also produced one time King F.I.N.O. proteges and affiliates, local underground stars: B.Savage and Juice Jones amongst a lot of other unmentioned individuals. {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com:who is King F.I.N.O. cont: {SPB} SPB Management: Do you remember the movie Fresh? {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: No doubt. Most definitely. {SPB} SPB Management: That's "F" all day. From his street identifiacation to his gentleman intellect. "F" has that same chess prowess that you might have seen in the movie Fresh as well. {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: What's the real story about King F.I.N.O. and Suave Goddi? Is there beef between them or not? Is it any truth to Suave attemptimg to hold F.I.N.O. back? {SPB} SPB Management: For one there was an event in 2011 at Cleveland Sirrah House that a mutual artist between King F.I.N.O., Suave Goddi and G.M.S. was to perform. F.I.N.O. had a Hustle Hard affiliate and some M.O.B. affiliates come out to support and Suave never showed. The event was on the heels of his tour which had La Face affiliates involved which had been canceled. "F" fot wondering if Suave tried to set him up or took a shot at him. As far as holding F.I.N.O. back, "F" has not ever booked with G.M.S., Al Porter or Suave Goddi in any event at anytime from 2004 to 2011. He held on to standing realtionships with Ball Hog with Praise Money and G.M.S. (Suave Goddi and Al Porter) for once the contract got right. F.I.N.O. had done all his booking with Pat Brower and Brower Entertainment or in house with Aqua Entertainment Hands On before taking the 2nd of 4 deals on the table. Then there is the G.M.S. event in 2010 King F.I.N.O. was invited to they had ask "F" to give a live interview. Rumor followed that event, that there might have been a set up to get Suave Goddi and F.I.N.O. on tape fighting. {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: Do you think there is any truth to that rumor? {SPB} SPB Management: It's tough to say. F.I.N.O. and Suave continued to network hard from 2010 through early 2012. "F" stayed in contact all of 2010 when he was in the South in Rockport Malvern all of the spring and Summer of 2010. With the idea F.I.N.O. is not going to run from confrontation and the history of their two camps it's probably a really bad idea to go that route in the least. {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: So you all feel that's not where they intended to go with this and they may be holding King F.I.N.O. back? {SPB} SPB Management: The best thing to do with that question is find Suave Goddi and Al Porter. That is where you will get the answer you are looking for. {MJPR} Meech Jones Pr.Com: How does King F.I.N.O. personally feel about this issue? {SPB} SPB Management: F.I.N.O. has likened he and Suave Goddi to B.I.G. & Jay-Z; Lil Wayne & Scarface (no disrepect intended to Praise Money or Gel) type of foundation to in the North. He has shared this publicly with Suave Goddi. "F" recorded the Kace Beats and JT Aries produced "State Ya Biz" to share the seriousness of these issues with Suave Goddi. "F" insists such a song is still hip hop governed. It also speaks and deals with confrontation out front. Imagine having majority industry muscle and someone you feel is one of the best hip hop artist to come out of your city repeatedly take a knee in your cities crowning moment. Is there beef on the horizon? Only time will tell!