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Happy New Year' 2016

Happy New Year' 2016..i know there's alot that has happened in your lives..and that includes mine as well. Stay safe and look ahead...Cheers:-) Bill Walker Milton https://youtu.be/Dt73W8v_G1Q

~Thanks 4 tuning In!

Hope you all have enjoyed listening to the demo Track 4 Pages of My Life..I have pulled it down for 4 now and will be back up as soon as the music has been finalized...~Cheers happy holidays..and Happy Rockin!..the other 2 songs r already official releases [Light Years from Now and the Wild Life] and will soon be 4 sale on Spotify, Here and on YouTube...as well as a few others when the album has been finalized (...Very Soon! ] and is out for the official release party :).

3 new songs Released!..November' 2015

Hi ' This the 3rd song i am also releasing @ this time cause I was listening to them and it is a nice contrast to the country song 'Pages Of My Life' i just released...A nice contrast from a Metal tune and A country song..Sort of like coming from dark 2 light..(i know i'm weird that way:-),,,but that's why i dont fall under any category Country Artist or Metal artist...But I much prefer the Singer/Songwriter category..'That's where i belong' and prob'ly always will...anyways You might like this song if you like heavy but also I Warn you in advance!..Turn your Bass Down and adjust accordingly...cause i maxed out the drums on this one..enjoy!

Regarding Recent Uploads and Videos!

regarding recent uploads Videos!.... if the video's are blurry then please go straight to my you-tube channel to watch them @ the correct size....reverb has a tendency to display them larger than the actual size, therefore distorting them..thank you!..and i hope you like them! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEe7VqDsqCq4oZa_GvGklg

New Songs!

Hi, Here r the 'Official' videos for my 2 new Song releases...The Songs are 'my Love Has Gone Away' and 'sometimes the Road Is Tough..

New Songs!

Hi, This latest video is probably one of my bests takes on angel..already a couple years ago now, i was living at the YMCA Men's residence at the time..(its a men's residence here in Hamilton for homeless men.. this is me doing my tune U Must BE An ANGEL while in residence there.

The 2nd New entry here is called 'Sometimes the world Is Tough' its song i started in 2009, some of you may remember it, (i had an earlier version of it posted on my website at one time). Anyway' this is the final recording i finished last November and so i guess it's also the official release..as a 'Single'....(album still to be determined!..Video included).

Congragulations to The Winners

Congragulations to Steve Brack for 1st place and John Lovelace Jr Judges pick in the Indi Original Country Song Challenge!...congragulations Guys!..and thank you Indi.com......;-)

Thank you 4 your Support!

Voting Has Started' Please go and vote 4 my Song and Video 'YMBAnAngel'...here is the Link:) indi.com/05D0A7A2.....~Cheers! ------------------------------------- indi.com/05D0A7A2

My New 'You tube' channel!

sorry had an incorrect link posted to some of my videos earlier.Here is the correct link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEe7VqDsqCq4oZa_GvGklg ....now you can go here to view at anytime:-)

Tribute 2 Robin Williams

My apologies for my music absence, Since the death of my childhood idol Robyn Williams, I haven't been able to do much of anything..but feel a deep sorrow for his loss. This is my tribute to him i started 2 days after he died.. I was and still am! completely saddened by his loss and absolutely felt compelled, from day 1 to do this tribute to this awesome person and human being. As some of you know i have been working on my 1st album, that i was hoping for the fall...but due to this recent circumstances it will still be awhile yet. I am still hoping for sometime just after Christmas..but right now I cannot say..Sorry and ty for your patience. ..as Always thank you for the Fanship' ~Bill Walker Milton