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Comings and goings in the new year...

So I've been workin alot lately on collaborative work with various artist from all over. Its been fun, and Im enjoying it, but I am gonna be pulling back and focusing more on my new EP and getting some good stuff recorded better. There are a few artist I will still be continuing to work with this year. Look for more tracks with "Lunatic Fluid" "Montega Brix, and Dutch" also maybe a dive into some pop dance music of my own.

So on the new upcoming EP We have six songs, some have already been put up in rough versions on some of my other sites.

End of the World on tv was the first track for the album and also World Apart. "Lunatic Fluid" did a wonderful mix rendition of the song, and I will be including the song as well as my version on my EP... its will be my special bonus track.

other tracks to watch for Canvas of wave.. I decided to name the EP canvas of waves because this song is incredibly personal and really reflects my state of mind these days..

Day 1.... picked up in pace a bit more aggressive

I do bad things...again another personally reflecting song, this EP is gonna be very exposing to a real side of me.

anyways please stay tuned... as always check out my other pages google me "Sounds Like Shavon"

Doing shows ... if you want to book a show send me a message or email. soundslikeshavon@yahoo.com

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