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How about the price of meat today? What about the skyrocketing costs of everything and anything? A 747 might land on your street....who is in that flight tower anyway? What we need is more control! It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, huh? Come be a Buckethead, and join our zany group, as we discuss current and past subjects of interest that lead to one thing........CONTROL!

The tracks: We purposely recorded all of these high energy tracks "live" except for "Bucketheads", "Photo Finish","Don't Worry 'Bout Your Shoes", and "Doesn't Take a Genius", which were recorded at Duane Sheets Studios The rest were recorded live at Bent Leather Studios in one take, without overdubs or corrections, so what you hear....is the real deal. Jeff overdubbed the lead vocals after after we recorded all of the backing tracks. "No Use", You're Not Happening", Sonic Boom, and "Plastico Ahoy" were recorded in front of live audiences at various venues. Recently, Jesse Ruggles re-recorded "Mayday" in 2009, with Rich Dickson adding the keyboard tracks. The last single recording of our 45 rpm was sold at Ranch Records in Salem for $50.00!