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The Clarkes have a sponsor!

Texas National Outfitters, in Katy, TX, are now sponsoring The Clarkes! Check them out online. http://t-n-o.co/ We are playing at their store this Saturday from 2-4:30pm. There will be raffles, music, and lots of cool western wear! By the way, what our sponsorship means for you guys is good deals on awesome clothes, boots, etc. You can enter the code CLARKES and get 10% off your online purchase.

2nd Clarkes Blog

We are about to head to Georgetown, TX to play the Monument Cafe. Although we have eaten here before, this is the first time we have played here. Their food is great, by the way! We are looking forward to it. It's a nice day to be playing in a Beirgarten. We have a bunch of family coming to the show. I better get ready to go!

1st Clarkes Blog Entry

This is our first blog entry. Just want to let everyone know what we are up to. We play at the French Quarter in Temple, TX tomorrow night, Filthy McNasty's in the Fort Worth Stockyards on Thursday night, and Natachee's in Houston Saturday. We have some new originals to try out!