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SKT Show this Sunday

Reverb does not have The Rhythm Room in its base, so can't make an event here, but its at The Rhythm Room Sunday the 23rd at 8pm, check out the FB event and click Join.... Copy and paste this link in your browser https://www.facebook.com/events/635664723153848/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Next Show in a week

Be at Red Owl before 10pm to catch more SKT on Saturday the22nd


When you piss on a tree it soaks into the roots and gets sucked up into the leaves then the sun makes the leaves transpire it into the atmosphere where it condenses into clouds and falls on you so you pretty much pissed on yourself....Sofa Kings Toned

BIG Fish Pub/Exposed Festival

Thanks to all who made it to Tempe on the 23rd, especially the many westsiders who went the extra miles to support SOFA KINGS TONED and the other great bands who played that night!! Thanks to your awesome support, we have booked Big Fish Pubs Halloween Costume party at 7pm on October 26th. It sounds like a fun night of festivities and surprises are planned by the Pub for this event. More detail shall follow....