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Pushing Forward

The universe is waiting for me to succeed. It is waiting. I am the hold up. What more can I do? How much longer until results are awakened? The question needs to hold on to any of this creative energy. Keep my head down, focus, and drive.

Ride the wave

I'm riding this wave. Love isn't difficult. It is simply disregarding my inner ego for the sake of promoting and helping someone else so they can shine. It's a beautiful thing. I'm riding this wave of love, the wave of innocence. Getting away from myself long enough to learn and find interest in someone else. It turn, I become a better person. More fulfilled. Centered. Come ride this wave with me.


It is moving. Taking over. It has breath new life into the hole of my complacency . Energy. I need you. I've waited for you, you have been what I needed in most trying times. Energy.

The love and hate theory

Music. I hate you. You make me angry, frustrate me with a fire that makes me want to burn down acres of trees. I despise your difficulty, your arrogance. Just when I though I knew, you remind me of how much I don't. Music, your Buisness makes me sick, you allow yourself to be used for human advantage and I can't stand it... You bring out the greed in people...

Music. I'm in love with you. I'm not sure how many days I can go without humming your melodies. I'm fulfilled in your presence and your whisper keeps me coming back for more. I don't deserve ur purity.... Music.

New Leaf Blower

Many use the term. "Turning over a new leaf" to describe a new vision, a new chance, a new outlook..focus. I'm tempted out of normality to repeat it as quickly as a mocking bird to his master.. Im on to something. I can spell it as if my sense of smell has turned on for the first time. I'm born again, freshened like a new creation. The old way of thinking does not exist. The old way is no way, as it seems like it never existed either. This is the start of something. This is my awakening... No more turning over leaves as often as people turn the cheek over and over... I just figured out after all this time, turning over leaves just wasn't enough for me, I'm starting up the new leaf blower.

The work mind

A work mind is an exercise, something that must be practiced daily and placed gently within a daily routine. It has no extremes, only consistencies . In that, will results become visible to the mind holding its dreams, passions and visions. A work mind, sounds like something a person is just born with. In reality, it's earned.


Can't get too caught up in the Emotion of one day. Feelings change more commonly than the weather and wind. Life can bring desperation to one location of the heart, and rise to success and opportunity on the other. In the matter of minutes, seconds. Don't hold on to the sadness of the past or get too excited over every opportunity that graces itself in your life circle. Stay even. Never too high, never too low. Maintain.

The Fight Between One

The worst disaster. One against itself. The battle slowly turns to war without an explanation other than the simplicity of knowing one person splits sides and turns inward. There are no clear thoughts. Understandings from the outside quickly become foggy like the dew settling at dusk. Confidence turns to ego, while insecurities get traded in for depressions. It can come to an end, but not as quickly as the war began. Face up, stand strong, choose a side, the right side...choose to continue to fight for ones happiness.