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New Vids

Hey Dirty fans!! We just recently posted 6 new live concert videos on our new youtube account. You can also check out the videos here on reverbnation. Also, like us on www.facebook.com/4dirtyfeet

Gigs, gigs, gigs

Hey everyone!! We have been very busy as of late which is why we haven't posted a blog in awhile. Dirty Feet had 3 gigs in the past week and each one was full of positive energy from the patrons and staff. Got great feedback from everyone. We even turned hecklers into loving fans within the first couple songs!!


We are number 1 in Regina under the Rock catagory on Reverbnation!! Thanks to our rapidly increasing fanbase we are collecting throughout the world. Will be in the studio in the next month to get our first CD finished.

More on Stripped Down

Well, Dirty Feet made it to Saskatoon and back to Regina in one evening/night(despite of the high winds, blowing snow and zero visibility) and performed on Stripped Down at Shaw Cable in S'toon. The show will air next week on the local(Saskatchewan) Shaw channel and the week after on Access Communications local channel so hopefully all of our fans in Saskatchewan and other fans who may have satellite with either one of those channels will be able to view it at some point in the next 2 weeks. The show ran smoothly and was so fun that the time flew. Hopefully we can go back there(during better weather) after we finally get our CD recorded and released.

Stripped Down

Today Dirty Feet is heading to Saskatoon to be showcased on 'Stripped Down' on Shaw Cable!! Should be fun, we will let you know when it'll air on both Shaw and Access.

Shotz On Eleven poster

We just uploaded our poster for the Shotz On Eleven in Chamberlain. Check it out and tell us what you think...

German Club Friday March 1st

Tomorrow night, Dirty Feet with The Futon Party will be making noise downstairs at the German Club starting around 9-9:30ish in the eve!!

Tickets $5 each at the door or from either band member if you so happen to run into one of us out and about on your journeys.

Dirty Feet will open the night with The Futon Party performing next and then back again with Dirty Feet closing the night off tightly!!

3 piece sound

With the loss of 2 members out of the band we acquired seasoned percussionist/singer Rick McBain behind the skins and our main man Ryan Skitteral dusts off the bass and is doing double duty lead singing and slappin' the bass!! Dirty Feet is an official 3 piece funk/blues/progressive rock band!!!

New Year!!

Well the old year is out and a new year has begun. Dirty Feet took a break over the holidays to be with loved ones and we also hit the studio a week before Christmas. Now the 3 songs we recorded are mixed and are up on Reverb for everyone to hear. We are planning to finish the album very soon.


First day in the studio went smoooooth!! The recordings are going fast!! Our music is tight and won't be long now before we have a little taste for you! We're back in the studio tonight.