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My Current Recording Gear

Computer: Intel i5 Quad-Core CPU running Windows 7 w/ 32" monitor - DAW Recording Programs: Pro Tools 9 and Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 - Additional Software/Plugins: EzDrummer, EzKeys, EzMix, Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys, BBE Sonic Suite, Plug & Mix Suite, iZotope Nectar and Mastering Essentials, TRackS3 Suite, G-Sonique Suite, etc. - Interface: M-Audio Fast Track C400 and M-Audio Fast Track Pro - Tube Amp: ART MP Studio - Studio Monitors: M-Audio and Alesis M1 Active 520s - Microphones: Shure 58, Audio-Technica AT2020, MXL 990 and 991, CADu37, GLS ES-57x2, M-Audio Studiox2 - Guitars: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro A/E, Epiphone Les Paul Special EG, Epiphone Uke, Fender Tim Armstrong A/E, and Fender SCE140 A/E - Keyboards: M-Audio KeyStudio - Drums: Yamaha DTX Electronic Kit - PA and Amplifiers: Behringer 300-Watt Active PA and Fishman LoudBox Acoustic Amp - Pedals: Zoom A2 Acoustic Pedal