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Looking for other artists interested in jumpin on a track or two for our up and coming project. message us!

Prank Skate No Bullshit!!!!

PS NO BS! Thats the motto of our band. Thats the motto you will see tattooed on our skin, Boldly printed on our fans t-shirts, and the motto this band lives by.

When if comes to what we do and how we want to be seen in the world that sums it up for you. Were a motley crew of band members that comes together and leaves people shocked when they see or hear us perform. For all you new fans that have been adding us let us know what you think about the music! Message us ask us a question in that little question box thingy on our page and lets get connected. We love being able to be in contact with people making connections and relationships with all of the fans we have. If you dig our stuff #psnobs @prankskate on twitter instagram and facebook! Share your interest in us and our music with your friends!

Love~Prank Skate PS NO BS!


Hey everyone! Hope you download and enjoy the PRANK SKATE APP!!!

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