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Should I? I need your advice

First and foremost I like to thank you for your support, I just released some new material for stream. Majority of it is a compilation of R&B instrumentals for all my singer songwriters. I have a question should I put out a album on Itunes with these compositions or should I sell each of them for 20$ for a leaseing deal to all buyers. What is better for each artist give BBKOfficial your advice, it will be well appreciated. Thank you

Those who support you make the stars

Don't lose sight of how important you are, when the artist you support shines, remember you are apart of that shine as well.

Tell Your Own Story pt 3

It's amazing how music takes you mentally and spiritually to the past and future

Tell Your Own Story pt 2

I just don't make instrumentals for rappers or singers but for every one to enjoy. It's our modern day Jazz

Tell your own story (Song Writers) Poets and Passion

Become a great song writer, I have the instrumentals that will allow you to tell your story.