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Border Lords II

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What i love and hate about rapping and networking!

What i hate and love! i hate it that when people come together they cain't find ways to get along.I love when i here a beat and it makes something inside of me explode with words on a pice of paper.I hate when people place judgement apon others based on he say she say.I love when i step into my studio and record a track that i'm pasionate about.I hate when people use meterialistic reasons to take sides and ruin relationships that have been built over time.I love when a song i did is mixed and mastered and i finaly get to here it.i hate when people spread rumors to ruin others popularity.i love when i get my graphics back and my cd is done and it's reaady 4 release.I hate when people try to minipulate situations in order to gain there objective.i love when evrything that i have put together is a finished product and i see all my hard work ready to pay off.i hate when people see what you are doing and they go out of there way not to hurt you but not to help you either.i love haveing my music on iTunes Rhapsody and e-music,oh and napster.I hate to see people who say i can do better then that then you see everything they could have done 4 you but now they utalize it for them selves.i love the process of working on a new CD.I hate when people diliberately sabatoge your projects so you keep pushing your release date back. My point to all of this is there are things that i love and hate about this game that doesn't make me a hater and also there are relationships that i have established that go back into the 80's i have friends on my friendlist that all don't get along but don't let your dealings with that individual affect me! MACC

LIL MACC LOCO hooks up with Sir Speedy

Attention Music Lovers! Arizona’s music artist Sir Speedy and LIL MACC LOCO P.O.W. Records came together to launch LIL MACC’S Solo album “Make Way 4 the Dead Man” P.O.W. Records, and Sir Speedy announce today of the Release of “Make Way 4 the Dead Man” Album from LIL MACC LOCO That has various producers such as: Slow Moe from sierra vista Arizona, Kid Brown, Rocca Dolla, Dynasty tribe from phoenix, and D-bunk the self proclaimed best at it from Cleveland Ohio, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by P.O.W. Records own Sir Speedy The South West Veteran of the Arizona Music Community and Independent Label for Independent Artist. “THE HOMIE "LIL MACC LOCO" IS THE ORIGINAL, OLD SCHOOL, O.G. BRINGING BACK THAT O.G. FLAVOR!!! RESPECT THE MUSIC ESPECIALLY FROM AN OLD SCHOOL, O.G. UR BOI,” SIR SPEEDY C.E.O. P.O.W. Records Make Way 4 the Dead Man’s polished recordings officially end today December 09 the album moves into the mixing stages and finally Mastering around late December. Speedy and Macc will then select a song that will be submitted to 98.3 Hit Street of the week around January also the selected song will be uploaded to numerous internet pages were if you miss the radio you will still get to preview the track. We at P.O.W. Records encourage you to login to your iTunes store and leave your review on the artist album, all feedback is welcome also login to your MySpace and add yourself to Lil Macc’s friend list so you can get messages updates or even appear on a song with LIL MACC LOCO to add yourself go to http:// www.myspace.com/littlemaccloco