To achieve great things, we must achieve great minds. creating opportunity at all time. This chance we have to live, decisions to aggressively move or passively procrastinate. look deep into the calendar and set dates Keep joy and peace within our hearts the light of knowledge shines through the dark, the weary days rest up, reward is soon to come. a jump start to pump your heart from feelings that made it cold and numb and your eyes, should cry a tear no more but your spirits pours cries of joy and your the victor of your War.


Open up your eyes and realize, true facts from Real Lies. Its no deception in belief, unless its false what you believe. Sometimes when you reach you can fall from a tree, some times you gotta reach just to even believe, if you fall will you get back up, seem people that never fall at all, be the ones with worse luck, Cause if you fall and then rise, people see it in your eyes. You gon hold your head high, and either demand or supply, It dont matter how the bottom react, its the top you gon make respect When they see where you at. People let where they come from hold them back or where they at right now, keep them still. Broke hater cant tell me shit at least a rich hater can tell me where some money is If it isnt for the Cause it doesnt Effect me


its a shame how they do us, as the rulers. Use to lynch us for our businesses, and murder every tutor, of the economic function, brief History discussion, even in legal hustling, still hung by tax invasions, so instead of finance, have a knowledge inflation, unity wont be taught, it's an enemy of satan, but they can keep selling ideas, and self destruction, with distractions, materials of the world, to promote trappin n jacking, and killing for a dollar, when we should kill for our freedom, or live for our freedom, till we lay in front of the preachers. Im one of the chosen few, society couldnt reach us, and tear us from the sky, or our Heavenly view. They wont give us a chance, but they will give us drugs, recycle our bail money, and raise the time n fines up, Understood joy comes in the morning, if you wake up, learn the LAW, and appeal for a way out. Im Free tryna stay out on good behavior, satan try to tempt me to rush the paper, but i stay on time like persistent waiters. It aint about how much money run through your fingers, its bout how long you keep your freedom, you gotta even be thankful to shed tears, atleast you still here, if you die, then someone else will shed them, so since we both still alive together we shed them, and together we dry our eyes.

#ROYALTY in #SELF 1Kings #Kings

You cant give up, juz cas you dont live up, to your own expectation, whats in your present is not your final destination, believe in yourself, and keep Patience sometimes you have to draw a smile, and paint it like Picasso cas trouble lasting always is not so but you can create a negative future, just by being a self persecutor

#JOY 1Kings #KINGs #ROYALTY Learn from Woman

JOY. Is a must need to survive and keep faith and belief, that things can and will get better. Without joy, you lack an key ingredient in your success. Joy can be learned from a woman, a mother whose just went through nine long months of pregnancy. The pregnancy can be compared to trials through out life. We must go through all the labor pains and at once, when we are birth into new life, new situations and opportunity we are overcome with joy. Im sure a woman, has many issues and things to deal with from the moment they realize they are pregnant. Some women begin to feel insecure, they even gain weight, and have to deal with judgment from family and peers. Some deal with many complications throughout their pregnancy or trial, but in the end once they have neared the end of their pregnancy, they are blessed with a beautiful miracle, that is life changing, and is a part of who they have now become. We all are caterpillars going through stages of life. No matter what all you face, if you dont give up, you will have your wings, and be a beautiful butterfly. Keep faith and Joy. Keep peace within you. Keep Believing.


you try to knock me, you only knocking at a door, that leads too a hallway, with rotating floors, skeletons across corridors forewarning of the playa haters sent before, King;s men and armies Humpty Dumpty took his fall tryna harm me My physical just a reflection, a hologram to see so we can never meet unless I visit in your Dream


It aint much rest for a King I get fed while Im Yawning, chick feeding me grapes, even at 2 in the morning I wish i new Satisfaction thats merely in my vocabulary Im climbing up mountains daily MY THRONE on a watch tower i view from Heaven's Eye Im giving the revelation but getting back no reply Im invisible not shy, I can leave earth and not die I dont have a spaceship but I can camouflage and I can shape shift find the key to your Spirit like a locksmith change up your patterns like a swing shift

#IAMROYALTY Mixtape Coming Soon

It aint about the Mixtape or the Music, its about the MOVEMENT. My music will only be an inspiration to the music, the clothing, the lifestyle. The New Genre of music. Royalty, back and gold, Kings and Queens. I will touch on a matter of subjects directly and indirectly. I dont judge I just conquer and Spread my type of LOVE.

#Royalty 101 1Kings #KINGS

In my mind, im in the times and the days of Enoch When The Watchers came down from above to deceive us. Had to separate myself and segregate cant mix with the off breeds my level must elevate gangsters ride with 7 niggaz Kings sit on seven figures and barely make moves let the militia deal with ya only a few friends but I not the type to depend so I tie lose ends and give definition, references to where the meaning can be found find yourself and it will give Your Crown


Repetitive moves and chants, through each day. keep my belief values strong, like Job's faith. Roses arent beautiful without pedals so i open up my arms and bloom when storms settle. Good life, good music, good writtens Reviewing all my writings so something positive is in them