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New album is out this Saturday!

Hey everyone,

The day has finally come! Our new album "Frontiers" is officially out Sat March 29th

You can listen and/or purchase it at http://unsacredseed.bandcamp.com/album/frontiers

If you buy it off Bandcamp, there is a bonus track you get along with the whole concept album.

It is also available on iTunes, Spotify and a couple other streaming services. Check it out, let us know what you think! Favorite song, criticisms, questions etc...

Can't wait to finally get this thing out there. We are already working on some demos for the next project. But we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves. haha

Remember you can DL our first album for free at http://unsacredseed.bandcamp.com/ in anticipation of Frontiers.


2014 is going to be BIG year for us!

2013 is almost over and done with. A huge thank you to all our fans, friends & family for your on-going support! We definitely appreciate the feedback we're getting. We have the new LP "Frontiers" coming out within the first couple months of the year. We're ALMOST done the tracking for it and about to start the mixing process. We also have a bunch of shows lined up for the new year and a couple other unannounced surprises. Can't wait to show you guys! Look out for "Frontiers" in Feb/March!

We surpassed our goal on Kickstarter!

We did it! Our kickstarter project was a success. In 34 days, the project gained 39 backers who pledged a total of $2,608. That is $108 dollars over our initial goal! Again, a BIG thank you to all our friends, family, and fans who helped us reach our goal.

Because of you, we can print physical copies of our new & debut album, purchase artwork for the album/merch, and pay for the mixing/mastering process.

We are still recording the new album but all the songs are written. Once we begin the mixing process we can start releasing teasers/tracks/trailers for the new album. We are confident that if you liked the first album, you will love the new LP. Still lots of editing and recording to do but everything should be ready for release by February of 2014 [if everything goes according to plan].

Thanks again everyone and stay tuned for more updates!

Just launched our Kickstarter Campaign for our next LP "Frontiers"

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next full length album will be called "Frontiers," and will be released in Febuary 2014. It will be our first concept album and to release it properly, we are looking towards crowdfunding.

Kickstarter has just launched in Canada [Sept 9th] and we are going to use this platform to launch our new album. Think of it as pre-ording the album, except the pre-orders go to the actual funding of the new album. And of course, if you DO back our project, you will get the new album. And depending on how much you pledge, we have close to a dozen other great rewards that you could receive.

So we've a set goal, and if we reach it, we can have proper merch & physical media. If we don't reach our goal, it will most likely just be a digital release again.

Please check out our project, share it with your friends, and help support underground music!


Concert on Sept 21st at the APK in London.

Our return show after over a year hiatus. We have been practicing our set and will be part of an epic night of black metal!











and US of course



If you are in town, come check out the show. 5$ cover. Come say hi!

Thanks to those who DLed our album!

We have about 150 DL's of our album and over 1600 Plays in about 2 weeks. Impressive! You can hear the difference in style and technicality between the old songs and new. Deus Ex and Siberian Skyscape were the latest song we Recorded. Illbegotten was the 1st song we ever wrote, and Son Of The Dragon 2nd. Thanks for listening and supporting us. If you still want to DL, stream, or support us. Check it out here! http://unsacredseed.bandcamp.com/

Debut Record is out on bandcamp April 4th, 2013!

It took a while, but our first record if finally done and ready to download. Its a pay-what-you-want model, so if you can afford it, support us!

http://unsacredseed.bandcamp.com/ Headbanging good times!