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Worship Set Lists, 2nd week of January 2014

We enjoyed the Christmas/Advent season very much this year, but after six weeks of Christmas music, we were excited to get back to CCM. We added something new to our repertoire this weekend: "Furious" is a very powerful song, and arranged it similarly to worship leader Seth Condrey's version. Here was our weekend in worship!

SATURDAY NIGHT AT CENTRAL HIGHLANDS COMMUNITY CHURCH Sing Sing Sing I Will Boast Break Every Chain Give Thanks COMMUNION: Thanks (by B.J. Collins) King of Glory

SUNDAY NIGHT AT LEBANON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Days Of Elijah I Am Free Furious Break Every Chain OFFERING: Set The World On Fire (by B.J. Collins) I Will Follow

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Worship Set Lists, 1st week of January 2014

Hello folks. Did you miss me? I've decided to start off 2014 the right way and spend more time on TheWorshipCommunity.com! It's been rather hectic, leading worship at three churches every weekend, plus helping my son to get his own music ministry off the ground while also recording and writing with our Christian rock band, 70x7. ENOUGH EXCUSES! I'm going to report for Lebanon Presbyterian Church and Central Highlands Community Church, but not for Charleroi Full Gospel Fellowship, where the set lists tend to be spontaneously and prayerfully created right before the service! Pentecostalism at its finest! Here's how my churches started off the year.

It was our 6th and final week of Christmas/Advent music, and people always tell me how much they love hearing the classic Christmas songs, Christmas original songs, and adaptations of Christmas favorites. We really do Christmas right, and I look forward to it every year.

SATURDAY NIGHT A CENTRAL HIGHLANDS COMMUNITY CHURCH -Hark The Herald Angels Sing -We Declare That The Kingdom of God Is Here -Do You Hear What I Hear? -A Hallelujah Christmas -Joyful Hearts (by B.J. Collins and Bo Collins) -What Child Is This

SUNDAY NIGHT AT LEBANON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH -We Declare That The Kingdom of God Is Here -Go Tell It On The Mountain -Arise Shine -Do You Hear What I Hear? -A Hallelujah Christmas -Joyful Hearts (by B.J. Collins and Bo Collins) -What Child Is This?

Most powerful and anointed song of the week in worship: A Hallelujah Christmas. (by Cloverton)

Most FUN song enjoyed by band members: Joyful Hearts, one of our many Christmas originals.

In Spirit and Truth

WORD UP! Then David said, “From all the Levites, 24,000 will supervise the work at the Temple of the Lord. Another 6,000 will serve as officials and judges. Another 4,000 will work as gatekeepers, and 4,000 will praise the Lord with the musical instruments I have made.” - 1 Chronicles 23:4-5 So, let me get this straight… King David planned to build the Temple of the Lord, and out of a “workforce” of 38,000 people, 65% were supervisors, 15% were upper management, 10% were bouncers, and 10% were musicians? No WONDER David never actually got the temple built! (His son, Solomon, got the job done though.) But in fairness to David, he was already way up there in years when he issued these orders. This was obviously a construction project of biblical proportions, and it makes me wonder if some of the ancestors of PENNDOT were advising the King on the best way to get this temple built! One can only surmise that David had a lot of other matters to attend to, and so the construction of the structural temple was left to the next generation. It’s a tribute to his vision and leadership that those he left in charge completed the project after he was gone. But David DID manage to complete some major RE-construction during his time on this earth. David saw to “RE-building” the temple of PRAISE. The restoration of praise and worship in the church was very important to David, and God used this unlikely king to introduce a revised form of worship, praise and thanksgiving to God’s people, beginning inside a little tent which he pitched around the Ark of the covenant, and later in the temple that Solomon built. This worship was new, and unlike the worship of the mosaic tabernacle, it involved many people being able to come into God’s presence and worship Him openly. In the time of Moses, only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies, and that one man could only enter in once each year. David’s tent foreshadowed how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ would enable each of us to enter into God’s presence and worship openly there. David’s tent also opened the door for people like us – the gentiles. (Did tents have doors in those days?) The coming in of the gentiles in the book of Acts is the fulfillment of the restoration of the tabernacle of David, as described in the book of Amos. Thanks to the vision that God gave to David way back when, you and I are now allowed to worship God openly, in Spirit and in truth. ALL of us. So why hold back? Why not let it all hang out and worship God for all we’re worth, in Spirit and in truth, and with greater enthusiasm and passion than we have for anything else? Are we inwardly afraid that someone will see us and report us to the high priest, who might ridicule us for “not doing it right?” Don’t let that happen to you. God has given us the freedom to worship openly, and I get the feeling that He expects us to do just that. Worship Him in Spirit and in truth, and you’re going to make Him smile.