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Dust Fairies

Either you believe or you don't... whichever it is you must realize that fairy dust is a prized ingredient in the magic originated by all types of fairies. But this prized magical powder is not readily obtainable through normal fairy channels. It can only be manufactured and distributed by the Dust Fairies in their secret hiding place deep in the distant friendly fairy forest. But not all fairies are GOOD fairies and often times these meaner fairies will try to steal the magic powder to use only for their nefarious ends. What happens when one of these fairies tries to take the sacred power to use for evil? © Bud Brown – 2013 - ASCAP -- ElectroClassics Publishing - ASCAP

It's Not Just About Us

Perhaps a little more classical than electronic but a statement and hopefully music you will really trip on...as in take a mental journey.

Wiggle Waggle

Time to cool down a little with an oldie...grab a glass of single malt turn down the lights and kick back. Hope you enjoy.


Don't Pray for Zombies...don't...don't...don't

It's coming

'I Dreamt I Went to O'Leary's"

It's coming

Going There Again

Music is...

Music is like a walk in space only different…sorta

UnderGround from CityScape

'Underground' from CityScape album is now available for streaming

BTW - NOT my picture

My eyes are blue

album Urbane Urban Download

Digital download of the Urbane Urban album is now $4.78 until the end of January.