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New Stuff coming Soon!

I'm working on recording some Blues solos I've been practicing. They're basic in nature but I think they'll get the point across if you know what I mean. I've also got a couple of other little solo ideas I'll be uploading soon as well.

New stuff !

I've recently uploaded a couple of new Blues solos that I'm working on. If you guys wouldn't mind giving them a listen and then letting me know what you think of them, I'd really appreciate it.

Leon Alexander
Leon Alexander  (over 3 years ago)

I'd like to jam, but I've never played music w/ another person or people before for that matter.

A couple of new vids

I've uploaded a couple vids of Metal Songs 1&2 so now you guys can also see what I'm trying to play and not just hear it. I understand the quality of both the audio and video are complete shite and will work on that as soon as possible.

I'm Back!!

Once again, My apologies for the delayed absence. But it's going to be business as usual from now on and in a day or two I should have a couple videos uploaded of the songs metal 1 and metal 2. They're not full on production videos just a home recording of me playing so you can get a visual as well of what I'm trying to accomplish. I know nothing of drum playing so if anyone has any ideas pertaining to that please don't hesitate to let me know as I desperately need to get some drum tracks made so I can record and finalize these songs. Oh and before I forget, if I haven't fanned you back yet please let me know as I had a time of it going through my inbox sorting through new and old messages.

It's been awhile

My apologies to everybody for my prolonged absence. I moved to a new home a few months back, and am still trying to get everything up and running again. I'll have more updates for you guys soon.

Problems w/ Drum/Bass Tracks

I'm still having trouble coming up w/ the perfect Drum and Bass tracks for the songs I'm working on so that I may finally have a chance to fully record each one. I've approx. 8 gigs of loops and samples but, I've not the experience working w/ nor the ear for Drum and Bass work. But neither do I have the money to outsource the work nor know any persons w/ the experience to point me in the right direction. Anybody out there willing to help ?. Who knows, I may have a skill set that would be useful to what you're trying to accomplish and maybe we could work something out perhaps. It never hurts to ask, no ?

Fan/Fellow Musician Support

I just want to take a moment and ask all of the visitors to my page to please check out the recommended artists section as there are a lot of very good artists there that deserve just as much attention as I have been given. And to please spread the word about their music just as you would my own music as we are all musicians just trying to make great music for the world to enjoy. Thank You so much

Yeast Infection
Yeast Infection  (over 5 years ago)

can see you love music as much as I do!!watched your vids and listened to a song.
good stuff!!!! hope you find a couple people to jam with so you can really have fun. also check out my favorites, got a ton of great stuff there that took a long time to find.... enjoy and keep jammin!!