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I'm sure all my USA fans have heard the terrible news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. For those who haven't, a gunman armed with two handguns opened fire this morning in a school full of kindergartners thru 4th graders, his body was found inside the school. 27 are dead, 20 children, 6 adults, and 1 shooter. Its a sad, terrible tragedy that should have never happened. I don't understand what makes a person that mad, to take a life, to take a life of a 5 year old, or a 6, 7,8, 9 or a 10 year old. I would like to ask all of my fans to please remember and pray for the families of the fallen children. Sweet, innocent children who had an entire life ahead of them. I can't imagine the pain and suffering these families are going through. I can't imagine losing any of the small children close to me, a niece or nephew, a little cousin or even my little brother, who isn't that little anymore... My heart is breaking for all of these children's families, their siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and their friends. I also want to remember the teachers and the staff, who hid the children in corners, closets, and cabinets, in attempt to protect them through all of the panic. They got the surviving children out quickly and safely as possible. The principle was among the victims. They were their to help them, to teach and educate them, and some of them perished while doing it. Remember the survivors, those little kids who lost their friends, lost their teachers. Remember the families of the deceased children, let them be comforted in the thought that the children are now resting. Remember the teachers who tried to protect these beautiful kids, and get them out of the danger zone quickly, even if it meant risking their own lives. Remember the law enforcement who are still trying to piece together this tragedy. But most of all, lets remember the entire community, let us comfort them, send out our prayers and thoughts. Thank all of you, God bless! --Ada Danielle Fields


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