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Saturday Night Lights

Looking forward to a busy Saturday! I will be featured at the Luke Easter Park (Woodhill Park) Festival on 116th and Kinsman Rd. With The Perfect Fit band from 1pm-2pm. Later I'll be playing with The Late Show band at The Mardi Gras Lounge 1423 E. 21st Street from 8pm-12am. Hope to see some familiar faces!

Happy Birthday Gayle! It Was Fun!!

Had a great night at the barbeque last night, gonna be going hard next weekend!! Saturday I'll be playing at the Woodhill park from 1-2pm Winstons from 4-8pm and the Mardi Gras from 9-1pm. See you there!

Partying down to the funky sounds of the Lateshow band!

Getting ready for saturday night, I can already taste the chicken and greens! Hope they made lots cause I'm hungry! d;P

Busy Busy

Just got notification of two new gigs today, business is beginning to pick up!

Hello RN!

Hello, my name is Kevin Workman and I intend to use this website as a platform for my own OC as well as for some of my bands and projects. Stay tuned and let's see where this takes us!