Wow dont knw where to start???

Hi to all my fans and friends and fam! Big ups to all the new Kats ill be working with this yr.. its about to be some of my best work.. so one luv and big hug to all yall

New Hot Music!!!!! hot for the summer its about to be big yall

 Reap Wht u sow feat Ashtom Marton

New Hot Music!!!!!

You wht it you got it!!! new hot song .. come put your ears on !!!!

Say all! Always looking to work with the next hot thing in music!!

And i hope you got skills!!

Can you feel this???

Theres nothing i cant do.. Words for to day

Wht do it take to make it big???

Well hard work, staying stoung and keeping things popin, Always trying new things, Test your self.. And one day ? Ill be on top of my game.. Hate if you want to .. Its not stoping a thing here.. Makes me work harder U Digg???

Been hard at work on some new music..

icedub is here to stay !! You better bet on tht. Hooked up with some new cats.. No names as of yet.. I got to keep things under raps tell the big day.. So i have put of some of the tracks tht are going to be used.. But no Flow to it as of yet.. I will keep you posted.. Thanks for your time. and music luv for taking the time to here what me and my friends do.. And ill come here wht everyone is doing as well.. be safe yall.