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wtf this is the 3rd time

i am tring to put out a shot to my friends in blog??? form AND it doesnt work WTF

hey guys it is chris check this out!

they have an app. for this thig friggin awesome! also you can check other bands like my buddy Branden Allens band MY Lifes Burden and help them get to London England.good guys rocken music and talented to boot.in fact thanx Brandon for this idea.I never thought they would have a smart phone let alone an application to spread the word of local and international talent.friggin awesome!

hey everyone check this out

cant believe there is an app for this enjoy my music and the music of others ,in fact check out my buddie Brandon Allens band My Lifes Burden and help them get to london and spread the word why american rock is friggin awesome...an app for this crazy.