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Ships of Gold

Currently working on a version of Ships of Gold for this page: http://www.reverbnation.com/shipsofgold While working on project I'd like to share the progress with everyone to motivate the progress because of the fear I'll lose interests. haven't made a song in a while and never been so serious to do a vocal track this time.

kloudworks  (almost 5 years ago)

Your revisions are unique. Amazing to accompany this trip.

Thought Experimentalist
Thought Experimentalist  (almost 5 years ago)

not quit there yet. I had to split the song because it was too big for free account here (side 1, side 2). I could make a few songs off from the core of the 4th session that was a live 18 mins.
Really I'm gonna sing the lyrics for the first half and rename the rest and call it the making of S.o.G. in the discography section (including the lost project)...I think that format would work for attention deficits like me.

Thought Experimentalist
Thought Experimentalist  (over 3 years ago)

Been away but haven't forgot. Mind got lost but learning as I get it back. Still interpreting "Ships of Gold". I hope to really sail with these guys soon! I have a sea of ideas but no direction that Im happy with but ooohhh when I settle and just doooo it.......Ill shut up!!

Many Many Thank You's

Thanks to all that supported me and my hobby. I now have 400 fans on reverbnation. Now that gives me the motivation to get my home studio back up and running. Those who didn't know...I created these songs in the years 2002-2006. I really believe this next cd will be so much better with 400 fans supporting me. Many Many Thank You's as friend Rick would say (while giving a bow)

I was taking

I Don't remember doing the Lyrics to "Your So Pitiful" I sleep walk on Ambien and don't take that no more. I Played the keyboard and sung the lyrics and even mixed the dubbed track while sleep walking. The Honest Truth.

Just added "My Head Is Dizzy"

Horns entrance that announce something's coming... then you'll be in the presence of something big... Mixed the Vocals behind it all on purpose because they didn't matter to me. envisioned the trumpets sound from the bible.

Getting Back

Ive Been doing other duties for a while but now Im Back!! Now I'm going to make some tracks. (been away for 6 years raising youngins)