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Behind Closed Doors

Please Be on the look out for my new book "Behind Closed Door" i will be releasing it this fall thank you for you support. God Bless

My New Movie Coming Out Soon

"A Young Black Man On His Way 2 Change A family of five is shackled to the concealed stories of their past.The mother BEATRICE has portrayed the religious aspects of life,but has failed to apply them to her own reality.God gave her an ANGEL(daughter) to help turn things around.She had to look within herself and re-evaluate her teaching and realize her right was oh so wrong and how can she show them the way,when she is lost herself.Her troubled son JESSE JAMES JR.(JJ) has denied the teaching of his mother and father because of the things he saw and has turned to the streets for guidance.Dead in the mind of Beatrice,JESSE JAMES SR.removed himself through the secrecy from the matters of his family,and drugs and alcoholism became his replacement.Dealing with the absent of his father,JJ relieves his issues to the confinements of his friend TEDDY ANDERSON,who is incarcerated,and his street buddy DOUG PETERSON who is an addict unknown by his friends.Ravised from the lies of BEATRICE and JESSE JAMES SR,JEFFERY JAMES their runaway son soon becomes exposed to the rest of the family through the very thing that made him leave.Revealed through the obstacles of life.JJ'S challenging times becomes triumphant.Both young men remember the teaching of their grandfather and The very things that they ran from(Church),end up running too and knowing Jesus for themselves.It took for something tragic to happen for them to see some good in it.As we look,listen and learn that this might just be you or me "A Young Black Man On His Way 2 Change."Proverbs 22:6 TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO.AND WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT...............