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Injured Reserve

I will likely no longer being performing live at least in the near future. Have a health issues related to Agent Orange but, I'm going to try to keep busy recording covers acoustically. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about the new direction.....D


Thanks to Nick & Bootsy of the KKID Basement Tapes in mid-Missouri for giving Good At Bein' Bad some airtime. Hope y'all enjoyed.....D


Thanks to Mewsbuzz Radio -BB and Carol Dukelow King for giving us some air time on a few of our tunes. We appreciate it and wishing all at Mewsbuzz Radio all the best.....D

AMC Nashville Records, Inc., A&R

We want to express our appreciation to Debra and the good folks at AMC Nashville for their support. Keep up the great work and supporting artists.....D

Radio Air Time

Thanks to Nick & Bootsy for giving us some air time at The Basement Tapes Show is LIVE on KKID 92.9fm Salem/Rolla on Sundays at 7pm and re-broadcast on InsaneRealmRadio.com on Wed/Thur at 7pm! We'll be back!......D

Free Downloads

For all you DC Rider fans, For a limited time the #1 Ranked Blues Band in Utah has opened up the DCR music vault and is offering free downloads of all your favorite DCR Tunes. Get 'me while you can. Enjoy......D

Status - Hiatus

I'm currently on a hiatus from the stage but, I'm spending time in the woodshed and studio as not to get rusty until I get back on stage, if it be the good Lord's will....D