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Unstrung Guitar / Blog

Unstrung Records is Seeking Artists

Unstrung Records is seeking artists to feature on their next release. Please visit UnstrungGuitar.com if you are interested in Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B and Metal Please visit DigitallyUnstrung.com for EDM, Rap, Hip-hop and Techno music. After you have listened to our demo songs please contact me at unstrungguitar@gmail.com and we can get to work on writing your single and getting it ready for the studio. Thank You and we look forward to your Requests Justin Schuster CEO Unstrung Records

2 important steps to success

Hello from Unstrung Guitar, We are here today talking about the 2 most important things you should know and be practicing if you want to be a respected and successful Indie Artist. 1- You must Educate the World that you exist! So you don't need the whole world to love your music. You only need about 50,000 fans to be a successful Artist. There are a million ways to let your demographic know you exist. The most popular method is to buy leads from Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a method that all Record Labels and Artists use. The law of averages dictates that you will get fans if enough people see you ad. Even if only 15% of your ad demographic becomes a fan you win! 2- You must have quality music for your fans! When you pay to get fans to your page you should have music that keeps them listening. Also try and get an email address and add them to your mailing list. So before you go out and buy a bunch of clicks from google test your music in your current social circles and get feedback from seasoned Artists. (Like ME)

Thanks For Tuning In! Justin Schuster CEO Unstrung Records www.unstrungguitar.com

Our Biggest Year Yet

Unstrung Guitar is creating quite a buzz in the music industry. Our rock music is original and " A breath of fresh air" as quoted by fans and fellow musicians alike. We have been #1 for 1.7 years on reverbnation and we continue to dominate venues in the Greater NYC area. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Justin Schuster the creator of Unstrung Guitar and Unstrung Records. "I think we are going to have a breakout year in 2015. Our fan base has doubled in a week and more people are letting Unstrung Guitar's music into the hearts. I have calls coming in left and right of people who want to work with me. I am now a leader in the genre and it feels great to have that kind of clout in my social circles. Unstrung Guitar and Unstrung Records are both making their place in the world and I can't wait for our music to be adored internationally! Right now Unstrung Guitar is #406 in the World in all genres. Out of the 2 million plus artists that have a profile! That's mind blowing to me and I can't wait to change music forever. I just play from my heart. I love music and have for most of my life. That's why I believe that many people will enjoy and relate to my music. My catalog is a just a summation of my life, the good times and the bad."

Thanks for tuning in to our blog and I hope to see you back here soon! Unstrung Guitar

New Song From Unstrung Guitar

We have just posted a new song called Unstrung Metal. It is our first metal single and we hope you enjoy! Unstrung Guitar

Unstrung Guitar is Making Waves

Unstrung Guitar has been in the top 3 for over 1 year and we are about to hit the USA with full force. Soon Unstrung Guitar will be known in every household in the world and will make other artists work hard for their spot in the music business. If you haven't heard our music yet then please visit www.reverbnation.com/unstrungguitardotcom

UR Talent Competition 2105 in NYC

Unstrung Guitar This is Justin Schuster of the band Unstrung Guitar and we have a lot of big things going on this year like Unstrung Records or UR 2015 Talent Competition in NYC http://www.unstrungrecords.com/nyc-talent-competition-2015.html Three nights of competition in the film district for the prize of being featured on Unstrung Guitar's new album. The album name is Analog Days & Digital Nights and it will debut in September 2015. This is a 2 CD set with two themes. Disc one is Rock Music with sounds like that of Legendary Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Bros. The list could go on for ages but Unstrung Guitar's music is not just a copy of something old. It's fresh new music using vintage instruments to recreate the feel of music from the 60's and 70's ERA's. Disc Two will be a DIgital Journey using electronic instruments and covering genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, House, Dance and Rap. It is sure to be a best selling album in 2015 because of it's diverse range of music and it is the first album of its kind. Please follow me on my social media pages if you haven't already to keep up with news about the UR Talent Competition 2015. http://www.unstrungrecords.com/landing-zone.html https://www.facebook.com/unstrungguitar https://twitter.com/unstrungguitar https://soundcloud.com/unstrung-guitar https://www.youtube.com/user/UnstrungGuitar1

Internet Radio Rotation

@unstrungguitar Hi, we love this song, we'd like to air it on our radio station (over 300K listners). interested tweet me.— The Indie (@TheIndie) July 2, 2014

Musicians Needed

Unstrung Guitar #1 Local and #109 in the USA for Rock UnstrungGuitar is a musician who plays guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and sings. He spends his days writing and composing music for television and animations, as well as working on his albums and solo career. He started with music at a very young age and has honed his musical style and skills across America and South America. He is a true american musician. Unstrung Guitar's work is ever present in the world and continues to build a reputation as one of the greats in music history. See his work at our website below Have great year and thanks for stopping in. www.unstrungguitar.com Drummer Looking for a drummer to play shows Timeframe: Permanent Skills: Drummer

New Music Video

I have been traveling all over the Western States gathering footage for my new music video. I have completed most of the shots and now I am painstakingly editing the video and producing the new soundtrack. I will keep you all updated and I hope you will listen to my new video when it's released. www.unstrungguitar.com

Shady Profile Promotion Solicitations

I got a message today from this reverbnation user that claimed he could make my music viral for 35 euro/month. This kind of has me in an outrage because people should only like your music because they can relate on a level to your music. Not because you pay a service to have random people come by your designated site or profile and like it. If no one is liking your site maybe look into improving your music or your interaction nut don't pay someone to do it for you. There is no easy way to do anything. Shortcuts are for lazy people and they yield half measures. I added a copy of the message I received for you to see their cheap tactics in action. LoveHigh about 4 hours ago Hey, You might find this useful if you release on BeatPort or iTunes etc. It's a BeatPort Promo Pool found here: http://GoneViral.Us Join If you have good music for release or want to earn promo etc. Cheers! My Reply: Thanks man but I'm not interested. I am already viral. I'm just to quick for you to have noticed it yet. Every play/like/follow I get is from a person who genuinely likes my music. They aren't paid to like it no matter what. I can say my fans are earned through the hard work and pure musicianship that I put into the music. I would never buy likes or plays because it dilutes the industry and makes it harder for the real stars to shine. You should be ashamed of yourself and please take me off of your radar. What a Joke! UnstrungGuitar