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Are you a singer or musician that needs help producing their album or single? Unstrung Guitar will help you write your songs. Please email us via unstrungguitar@gmail.com We hope to hear from you soon! Justin Schuster CEO Unstrung Records

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I Dis-Like Blogging

Hello Folks, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I dislike blogs. I don't like having to do a blog weekly and sometimes twice weekly just to appease this website but I do it becuase ,you the listener, deserve to be exposed to all new music. The Major Labels have created a monopoly and you will only be shown the music of people who have the money to advertise and not the folks like me who make their own music without the bankroll of the Major Labels. The Music Industry takes advantage of the little guy, 'like me' and has created a system in which only the artists who have a million dollars, which the record company gives them, will succeed. Only the folks who can take out commercials and internet advertising can succeed! Let's show the Record companies that the little guy has way more power to succeed, even in light of this system that only rewards the wealthy artists. Let's take back our music! You can do this by donating to our cause or our buying our music.

At BandCamp you can buy our music and choose what to pay. if you really Like our music then please pay more and we will receive the money as a donation. https://unstrungguitar.bandcamp.com/

Or Buy our music on reverbnation.com/unstrungguitar

Thank You Everyone, Justin Schuster aka Unstrung Guitar

An Old Approach To New Music

As a creator of music I am always interested in new and old sounds to add to my music. Iur band Unstrung Guitar is a new breed of band that uses vintage instruments, like guitars, basses and drum kits (yes a real drum kit) to create new music. So far the results are really incredible and we look forward to you joining us as we grow as a brand. We promise to keep working hard at creating some really amazing music for the people who feel left behind by the Major Labels that only produce new music for 10% of the market share. We are interested in making music for the 90% of people who want new music with that vintage sound of a 3 piece band. We offer fabulous lead guitars and catchy, yet deep lyrics. Only Unstrung Guitar brings that promise!

Unstrung Records will Bring you Project to life!

Hello All, Just wanted to let you know we are accepting projects for our team to produce and distribute. If you want to take your project to the next level and have a real act that you can take on the road then Unstrung Records is your ticket. We will get you gig ready no matter the genre or the project size. We have the tools and the knowledge to bring your song from an idea or a dream into a reality. You can being traveling the country and playing gigs and we can get you there. So if you're interested then please sign up


Justin Schuster Creator of Music CEO Unstrung Records

New Album From Unstrung Guitar

We are please to announce our new album is available for purchase on BandCamp. All funds are going towards new projects that are just waiting to come to life. Unfortunately The world we live in forces us to survive in a very competitive market. Without the funding of the major labels the independent artists sometimes wither away. Don't let the artists of our day fade away. Your purchase or donation helps no matter what the amount! It could be your donation that propels our music forward. Please keep music alive and show your support with a purchase. Thank You, The Members of Unstrung Guitar


Unstrung's Blog

Hello Fans, Just dropping in to say hello. I don't have a topic this week so I just wanted to say hello.

Justin Schuster

Unstrung Guitar

How to create a great rock song

Songwriting is a very different process for different people. Everyone has their own approach and their own process that they believe is the right way to record music. So I'm writing this week's blog about Songwriting from the Unstrung Guitar Perspective. I always start with whatever tempo feels good for my mood and the message I want the song to have. For example For an alt rock song start at 90 bpm; for a faster song got 128 bpm; if it is a slow blues song I will start with 30% swing at 120 bpm with the bass drum on the 1 and the snare on the 3. Maybe eighth notes on the hi-hat for the verse, ride bell for the chorus. Crash on the 1st measures (bars) of every 4 measures(bars). Maybe some reverb on the snare, cymbals and hi-hat. Compression 1.31 Its a very simple beat that leaves room for the drummer to elaborate on at a later time. After I have the midi drums completed I pick up the bass guitar, dial in my sound and play the bass lines. I use a gentle compressor and EQ and a Tube modeling clean amp VST to fatten and dial in the bass sound. I fiddle with the phrasings until I see it as a great representation of how i want the song the sound. I then proceed to the cutting the guitar guitar tracks. I start with rhythm guitar and then on another track for lead guitar. I put a microphone into my hand made tube amp and that's it. Guitar is ready to play. I like to put keyboards in after to accent the song and fill empty spaces with a good midrange sound like C3-C4 with variations in C4-C5, I use a grand piano to start and then depending on the song use a clav or a funky electric piano. I like the chorus piano a lot. Simple and able to show the keyboard player the sound I would like them to emulate. In this case I play all of the instruments for reproduction at a later time by my band Unstrung Guitar in Live Venues. Being a multi-instrumentalist allows me to create entire songs instead of just bits and pieces of songs. It really boils down to getting the sound from my head onto the tracks. When I think i have something good going I then start writing the lyrics. This will help structure the song into Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge -Chorus or something like that combination. Some songs have a bridge and some don't. You can do whatever you want that's the best part. What type of song you create depends on your mood, stress levels, whether or not you have co-writers, if there is a deadline.....OMG So I try to deal with the stress and everything the best I can and when I'm inspired I just try to capture the energy and create quickly. That is the advantage to having a home studio. You can easily start creating as quickly as it takes to load your OS and plug in an instrument. I hope that this has given you some insight into the world of music creation. It sounds easy but isnt easy. It takes decades of practicin instruments and sacrifice of fun times with your friends but if you can pull it off you might just be able to rule the world...... Justin Schuster CEO Unstrung Records www.reverbnation.com/unstrungguitar

Bass Guitar

I recently purchased a decent Yamaha Bass Guitar for the home studio. I like the feel of the real bass rather than the synth basses that I sometimes use in Ableton Live 9. I realize that playing bass is not a viable option for most artists being that not everyone plays bass. I have played guitar for 20 years so learning bass guitar was like learning Italian after already knowing Spanish. I will keep you posted with music as we create it. Thanks for tuning in! Unstrung Guitar

Non Disclosure Sample

Non-Disclosure Agreement Unstrung Records Brooklyn, NY 11211 This is a non-disclosure agreement between ______________and ______________ concerning production of a new song (______________________). The track name '___________________' is for identifying purposes and is intended to be changed later. This agreement also includes parameters that Richie Peso and I have discussed during messages on twitter. By signing this paper you are bound to the agreement and any violation of this agreement will be considered a breach of contract. We reserve our right to terminate this contract at any time due to breach of contract. ⦁ You agree to use this product mp3 labeled (____________________) for it's intended purpose which is to write lyrics in preparation for the studio production version of the aforementioned track. ⦁ You agree not to post or publish any version of this track before we have signed the legal paperwork finalizing the production of this track. ⦁ You agree to collaborate on this track by writing lyrics and performing the vocals during production. You are also going to be the featured artist which means you are entitled to a 45% of post production revenues for album sales, streams and ad revenue. As the Record Label, I agree to compose the song, complete the necessary audio engineering tasks and play any instruments on the tracks. I agree to help coordinate all aspects of the process from creation to marketing. I agree to help raise money through arranging live perfromances for ____________________

Please sign this document and then take a picture with your smartphone and email it to ___________________________

Print Name:__________________________________________ Date:____________ Sign Name:__________________________________________ Date:____________