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Silence The Earth

Silence The Earth is a Neoclassical/Ambient Black Metal band from Leon, Spain, influenced by Emperor, Darkthrone, Limbonic Art, Stratovarius, Mayhem, Burzum, J. S. Bach, Pensees Nocturnes, Mozart, Arcturus, Mortiis and another unnumbered black metal bands and XVIII Century classical composers.

We started as a Death Metal-Hardcore band in 2010's winter with the idea of making brutal music for live performance. But in early 2011, due to various childish behaviours, we started to suffer changes in line up, finishing in a breakdown and later disband of the band.

Anyway, later in 2011’s summer, I decide to continue the project as one man band, with the idea of making studio music, mixing Black Metal and Classical and Progressive music, hoping to start to record in 2011-2012’s winter.