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The Begining

Alright so i have had many people ask us why the name American Heart Throb.....? My reply "Shane Davidson" was that the name represents an almost god like media superstar and whenever you look back at punk rock roots or even just rock roots you will see that all the best musicians and artist were mainly comprised of nerds, geeks, outsiders, people who were not as popular as your razor sharp jaw lined jocks, quarterbacks, or rich doctors sons. We came up with the name After many years of hearing about how this guy and that guy is super hot on the main stream and how every body wanted something to do with him. So we decided that none of us were the Scott Baio teen heart throb image and wanted a name that would connect us with the main stream but yet still give a taste of our sense of humor and let people know we do have a sarcastic side to our band lol! So in a nut shell you could say that none of us are American Heart Throbs but together we create music that will fuel the future heart throbs of the world!

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Horror Porn Machete koks  (almost 4 years ago)

Makes sense