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the RECORDING Journey!!!!!!!!!

So, after moving back from Hawaii and busting my ass at my day job, I raised enough money to record two songs in April of this year. It took until June to get the horn players to come in and get them mastered so the tracks were ready in late June. Since the beginning of July, I've tried to get all the ducks in a row like getting the artwork and putting the tracks on itunes. Within the next few days, they should be ready for everyone to hear! I can't wait until I get them out. I also can't wait until I get some more money so I can record the rest of an album. I have hundreds of songs and have about 8 more in mind to add to an album. The whole process takes time. I'm really glad I waited and recorded the songs the way I wanted and I look forward to sharing them with you. Check back in a few days! ;)


So, in the past few months, I've tried to get more organized, wrote some more songs. I've also been working more hours than ever before at my job so it's a hard balance to keep... I'm trying to youtube more of my original songs for everyone to hear so I can get some feedback on which two songs would be the best to get in to the studio to record. I met with Jason from Lady of Noise studio in Frederick, MD and upon his sensible advice, I'm not going to rush anything, I need to get all of it together...and then find a band who wants to get in the studio and record (after practicing of course!) ..... Once I have those songs complete, I'll be putting them on itunes. and entering them in some songwriting contests. I also got hit up by a small start up label in Baltimore that may help me market the songs- for movies, etc. ..... It takes a lot of hard work-when most of your days are being dedicated to responsible adult-like activities like working... but pc by pc, it's coming along.... stay tuned!

And so it BEGINS

Hello Everyone. I've always been a musician first so it's taken me a while to get used to all this extra stuff like networking and websites, etc. But I'm here. I appreciate you listening! There's a ton more to come. I have a lot of songs just waiting to be recorded. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!!!! :)