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Staring Back at Myself

Is it a chase? Is it okay, to dream or to see what cannot not be seen, A high stage like a high priest and crowds of crowds o began to scream. I hear you but can you hear me? What is this place? A chase? A dream? A taunt no one but I has seen. As taboo as this may seem yet an opening that has pulled me into the sea. Wide like a shooting range but dead on yet head on as I sieze the day. A lions hunt lost in disarray, I come from beneath to say I saw what you didn't. And out of my body I lay staring back at my beautiful bright and happy face. One day nearing soon, uncertainty and dubious face I sit and wait while staring back at myself.

Open My Eyed Big And Wide

Like I'm ready to Fly Will you catch me if I fall Into the Ocean Side Wave Good Bye.. I posted this Acoustic and Vocal track though it sounds far off; the words simply mean washing away what I was to make way for something more, like dancing on mars as I speak of later in the track. Its Where I find my balance. To continue to wash the old away and dance around as if I were on the moon when in actuality I'm on this Blue planet. To change is to prefect, thus my testament to invention. Hope your following me on this one.

Light Switch

Its been sort of weird like I'm searching in the Dark. Although life isn't going exactly as planned somehow I'm always well taken care of. A lot of reasons I felt so lost early on was because how innocent I was and gullible to beast, monsters and devourer's of our time. I finally learned to adapt and my courage is getting stronger. I give it my all to figure out this strange place we call home. Planet EARTH. So, about music currently? Working on two releases with Fashion Music Records, (Moscow). And an ambiguous collaboration with Chaz a bass guitarist rhythm guitar, songwriter I'm finding my trueness, my rebellion. And who am I really? That's why I call it a light switch.

Just when it get's good It get's really BAD!

I just want to know how old will I have to be to understand what is going on. I miss myself. Yah I might have lost a piece of me through this roller of a coaster. Never thought I'd be fighting for something that I'm use to having. And to compound matters, I allowed someone [or something] interfere with my judgment. My life isn't written off but it sure isn't peachy. Please Take Me With You!!! [sigh]

All About it

Imagine your glass is half empty and white zinfandel is getting warm, how I feel right now, From one to the next. On a mission, not concerned about that glass half empty or that glass getting warm. If I lived near the woods, I'd probably go frolicking in the woods and if it were autumn I'd kick and toss around in the leaves because that's what you do when your imagination begins to run wild. I love this capsule of a place. Noticed I said love, because when you find your heart you understand the hustle. HTX is rubbing off on me! XOXO


Things couldn't be more scattered in my world right now. Beautiful and sad. The feeling of being displaced. I feel the anxiety. Everyday that little clock continues and I grasp for just a second more. And those are the conditions I seem to write best. Oddly, "they" are right.

When that emotional wave finds you...How do you face it? Do you drink yourself down the drain? Do you cry your way out? Do you shut yourself out? Do you fight it? Do you accept it and move on? Step into my perfect imbalance.


Nathan Birdow
Nathan Birdow  (about 2 years ago)

Very powerful writing, it gets the mind wondering. Thanks for the insight.

In this very Moment

In this very moment I feel lifted. It feels like yesterday I was riding a bike on training wheels and have now out grown those wheels into something I can control and be proud of.

Feels a lot like summer. After the storms and constant raining I've drifted towards the new. Like the change of season from one to the next.

What is in this very moment I felt the magic surrounding me. Love, understanding, health, free energy that is something contagious. xoxo

A Bite At Truth

I haven't been here awhile, I guess with all the things that consume my time I'm just now finding time to catch you up.

I always do my best to remain positive because changes can be hard to deal with. But the changes are what creates character.

If your life isn't constantly changing one would presume you have a pretty structured life.

I suppose structure is what we are condition to become. I'v rebelled against so much structure I discovered its just my true essence. To do something most challenging and risky is right up my alley.

But getting kicked out of school, led me to skip a grade right into high school.

Why I always thought for myself is quite enigmatic. And.. I'm sorry to those I have been a living hell to...

Eventually leading me towards something I truly love; I felt it was undeniably what I'm intending to do on Earth; Creating, Mastering, Evolving.

**** A Bending Flame of Elegant Defiance****


[like a sonar]

I hope we learn from what we see and feel everyday. As a human being how can we let another man fall? There are views that express differently but..What has absolute control taught our planet? It's a constant battle. And I'm not too knowledgeable on the matter but when you repeatedly take and take without giving the universe doesn't work like this and therefore I believe sends a negative energy pattern [like a sonar] as a collective group. Lets just say we could use a little boost. "Making Great Music" and having you sing to it. =) xo

The sweets escape

Where do I begin… I'm totally hiding out right now. Low key and making music from every angel, Dirty Dutch, Progressive House, R&B to Deep House. Its a new year and low and behold many projects on the table. Just the act of involvement sends you towards another path. Iv thought long and hard and decided to stay on this path and to allow nothing to interfere. Years of research, development, traveling, writing, its only right that we grow at what we love the most. A.K.A-Sky Junkie