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What was your worst hangover? Tell us and WIN a CD!

Tell us your worst hangover story and we will add it to our Hangover Diaries on our website. If you want to remain anonymous in our diary just put where you are from. (For example; Anonymous - Chicago, IL) The first FIVE people to submit their story will win a FREE cd of our 1st EP "One". And our favorite story will also win a Red Wine Hangover T-shirt. Good luck! Visit link to Submit Story http://www.redwinehangovermusic.com/#!hangoverdiaries/c3ug

Who doesn't like Prince?!

If you don't well then, you've got bigger problems than we can help you with. But if you do, Come to the Rutledge LMV this Friday night in Nashville for RWH to open up the night for JonesWorld presents ZILLA'S Birthday. After RWH plays we will party with JonesWorld during their set full of Prince Covers. We cannot WAIT for this show!

Red Wine Hangover takes over Middle C Music Studio in Nashville, Tennessee

The guys are at it again with another week-long stint in the studio. Middle C Music, owned and operated by Producer/Engineer Mike Farona, has been a second home to Red Wine Hangover for the past year. The band is currently working on their third EP entitled "Three" set to release this fall. "We've come to the realization that in today's music industry, the best way to keep people engaged in our brand of rock n' roll is to constantly be releasing new music," drummer and songwriter Michael Dale expressed. "It's gut wrenching to spend all of your time and resources on a full album and release one single. If that single doesn't react immediately, you've lost precious momentum (and money) before anyone hears the other 11 songs! By the staggered release of our EP's, we are able to focus our energy on making every song we release as great as it can possibly be, not only in the studio, but in our live performances. It keeps people wondering, 'What's next?'. Bassist Jeremy Brashears divulged, "We feel honored and extremely lucky to have such a great relationship with Nashville's best kept secret [Farona]".

RWH talks about their favorite venue: THE BUILDING in East Nash

The Building, Formerly Billups Art, is a “custom venue that celebrates creativity" owned by Anthony Billups, Laura Godwin and David Oakleaf. As a singer, songwriter, and mixed media artist, Anthony Billups lights up at the fact that The Building has evolved into something completely unique to the Nashville creative community. Billups notes: “The Building reinvents itself every night with the vibe created by all the people involved. The evolution of the space is as creative as the work done inside its vintage walls." -The East Nashvillian Cade [Front Man for RWH] introduced the other members of the band to the scene at The Building in 2011. Since then, The Building has become somewhat of a musical sanctuary for the evolution of Red Wine Hangover. "The organic artistry that bleeds from The Building is my drug of choice." notes Cade. "The Building is the coolest f***ing venue in Nashville, and we are so blessed to be a part of its artistic family."

Win a RWH T-shirt!

We've already reached over 300 views in one day on Youtube for our new video #ColorAndSound if we can make it to 500 views by the weekend, we will give a lucky fan a free Red Wine Hangover T-shirt.

Contest rules: Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/redwinehangovermusic, or follow us on twitter http://www.twitter.com/RWH_band and Share our video link on your wall http://youtu.be/Xr6x4rdnP7w . Leave us a comment saying that you posted it and one lucky fb or twitter friend will be the proud owner of a brand new RWH T-shirt. They are super soft guys, you don't want to miss out on this! Thanks for your support. You guys rock!

Showing Support

Show your support for another badass band out of TN. The Kingston Springs will be performing at Live On The Green in Nashville on Oct 4th. These are some super talented dudes you don't want to miss. Then, join RED WINE HANGOVER (twitter.com/RWH_band) for our CD Release Party at The Building on OCT 5th!

First EP "One" Ordered

The order is in for our upcoming EP. This is the first of 4 EP's that we will release over the next year. Appropriately titled "ONE" is set to be release on October 5th, 2012. Keep up with our twitter and facebook for more updates.