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New Album Available!!

I am sorry for the delay on this awesome news. But YES!! My album is FINALLY complete and available for FREE. It is titled Topic Of Discussion. And you all know my pedigree. R&B to the core. 13 tracks. Real life. No gimmicks. No crazy effects. None of that. Just music. So, without further waiting, here is the link. Download each song, and enjoy the ride. Much Love.


Change Of Plans

As it would be, there are a slight change of plans. I have decided that the songs I have done now will be released for promo purposes. Look at it as a prequel of things to come. And I am doing this cuz I think that those who know nothing about my music should be able to download this if they come accross it and like it. So after I post this, I will change the availbility of my music to public, so you DO NOT have to get on my mailing list to download my music this time around. I will also start passing out CDs with my music on them to the general public. Evrerything AFTER March 1st of 2013 will be all for the album, which I will start working on as of March and hope to have completed and released by the end of the year for all the lovers out there. I have not come up with any titles so far for my EP, but that is the least of my concerns. Even though I liked the way the songs I have done thus far have turned out, I feel I rushed my work a bit. So I am gonna take it very slow and make sure all aspects of this upcoming album are satisfactory on my standards. At least once I make sure of that, I can really feel good about what I have done and be better equipped to take any criticism thrown my way. So stay tuned everyone!! Good soulful music is soon to come your way!! Much Love!!


The album is coming along pretty nicely. Doing shows here and there, and trying new venues. It's a learning experience for sure. Some places are on their Ps and Qs while other venues just kinda do just enough, which isn't enough in all honesty. But, as the blog says, it's all about progression. Had somebody invite me to perform at a couple open mics. I plan on making that a thing I do quite often, and Philadelphia is good for that type of thing almost every day of the week, so I will start capitalizing on it. You never know who may be where. Will be posting music very soon, and keeping you up to date on any shows and exclusives that I may have. I just thank God I am was given such a gift. This isn't about money or fame at all to me. It's about giving ppl QUALITY music ALL THE TIME. I DO NOT follow trends at all. My mother told me to sing from a place that is relateable, and that's what my goal is. I want to be able to give you songs where the average joe can relate to it, music that isn't about fantasies that only a select few are allowed to enjoy. That's what you will always get from me. May not have the most decent voice, but in a generation where it's so many different genres a person may listen to, I wanna make sure that when they step into the genre of R&B, they get the real deal. Peace world!!

First Album In The Works!!

As off the beginning of this month, I have been hooking up with producer J. Groce of Philadelphia, working on my first project, titled Rookie Year. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally on the ball!!! The release date is scheduled for April 2013. More details will be posted as we progress. New music snippets from the album will be posted in the near future!!