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The Punisher's Guide [written by Scorpion King]

Joseph son of Jacob of Israel had 12 brothers. Horus of Egypt born of Osiris and mother Isis had 12 disciples he goes about with.He had titles like the creator, king of kings and lots more like those attributed to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth born of the virgin Mary and Joseph, the sole and true perfect Messiah, Creator of the Universe,Lord of both the Known and Unknown realms and King of the Seen and Unseen worlds also had 12 disciples.All these men and many more like them did resurrect upon their deaths. The sun, the most adoring object in the universe travels about 12 encircled zodiacal signs or constellations per evolution [a 360 degree turn]. these constellations or symbols are called the Aeons meaning; the Ages. So the 12 symbols or constellations of the zodiac called the 12 aeons actually means the 12 ages and nothing more. It takes the sun 2,150 years to travel an aeon or age and 25,800 years per evolution [traveling the 12 encircled aeons by making 360 degree turn]. It took the world's greatest men of knowledge of the sciences and mathematicians decades and centuries of hard work to be able to calculate and adjust to you your 24 hour per day in a two 12 hour set as your time code. 12 hours for your days and 12 hours for your nights, but why 12? Symbolism; Symbolism is an art, a way or style of warning people without telling them, practiced by pious people across the globe. Why warning without telling? While's we live on this planet with our little children. The clock or watch; The clock or watch is actually and an imitation or duplicate diagram, a sort of blueprint which outlines and maps up with celestial times, it's a satanic device of the highest order,a hard drive set, built for the hypnotism of your sub conscious domain and minds which covers 90 percent of your brain system. The clock is the devil's matrix on earth and this is why we daily follow it's commands and instructions at will without knowing. So now can you imagine the secrets really hidden in your wall clocks and watches in your homes and that which you put on? And if you truely admit it to be demonic what are the damages? How critically have we been wounded? And for how long? Celestial Time is Divine and cannot emcompassed by this silly object. Be warned !!! Are there really some people out there some where who are humans just like us trying to play with our minds?Why control our minds? For he who possesses your mind possesses your soul. They Concealeth He Revealeth !!! And there shall be nothing hidden under the sun. VERSE 1

JAH Gig  (over 4 years ago)

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