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The Break's Over

Alright, to update everyone on what has been happening with Pleasant Hill. We went on a tour about a month or two ago, and it went GREAT. I've never met such a large amount of people who were readily available to listen to our music and actually enjoy it wherever we went. They even helped us pack up and bought CD's, it was fantastic.

We've been on a hiatus for a while now, but it's time to start kicking ass. So to start off with the good news for YOU guys, we're currently working on new music and are already working on a new EP. This one... is not gonna be something you want to miss. I believe we've officially cranked up to 11.

As for shows, I'm working on a lot of things currently that may just be what we need, considering that everything goes well. I'm passing out so I'll write more and keep up with you guys later.

And Here We Go...

Hey what's up fancy fanatics? This is Sam, and I just wanted to leave a "thank you" for all of the people putting a lot of work and love into our EP, we couldn't have done a LOT of this without you guys. Thanks a lot.