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About "Heart of My Heart"...

Hi All, Just to explain about Heart of My Heart. Joy wrote this to me in 2003 as a celebration of our new life together - what a wonderful gift!

We then decided to use it for our wedding later that year, but as we were on an extremely limited budget I had to put it together in my lounge room with the few pieces of recording equipment and software I had on hand. Joy originally wrote the song on guitar, after which I then arranged and recorded it with an instrumental backing, mostly software synths and layered vocals. And yes, that is me playing a real trumpet on it too.

The recording was played at our wedding as we walked down the aisle together. It was very well received, and has been very popular whenever we get a chance to perform it together live.

We hope that the song is an inspiration to others of how special love can be between two soul mates,