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2-22-2008: Please vote for us! The polls close for the Rockwired Awards on Feb. 22nd. We're honored to be nominated for the following: * Best Female Artist: vote here. * Best Song (Palm Of Your Hand): vote here. * Best Album (Cotton-Poly Blend): vote here. 1-3-2008: Garnered some airplay on CKCU-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! 12-31-2007: Mike Stephens of The Open Mic Cafe gave us a spin. 12-21-2007: Bruce Von Stiers give us one of our sweetest reviews yet at BVS Reviews! 12-21-2007: Desert Highway Music will be playing our music at some point in the future. 12-16-2007: We will be featured on Radio Crystal Blue's Sunday evening program. This is the last show of 2007 and a special one. 12-4-2007: “Merry Christmas Song” climbs to #30 on the FMQB AC Charts! 11-2007: RockWired posts a very flattering blurb: "I got an e-mail from VANESSA VAN SPALL asking me to consider her music for ROCKWIRED. She didn't need to worry. Her CD COTTON-POLY BLEND gets you at the first listen. There aren't too many artists that do that these days. At the time that I'm writing this, there is a lot of talk about ANNIE LENNOX's latest CD 'SONGS OF MASS DESTRUCTION'. While I am a huge fan of Ms. LENNOX, let me tell you that I'm spinning COTTON-POLY BLEND a lot more than I am 'SONGS OF MASS DESTRUCTION'. LENNOX's first single 'DARK ROAD' has nothing on 'PALM OF YOUR HAND'." 10-7-2007: Dan MacIntosh gives us a very nice review on Indie-Music.com! 9-28-2007: Interview with Vanessa published on Slim Critchlow’s Open Mic Documentary website. Slim has been making a video documentary of open mics all over the Bay Area and beyond! 9-25-2007: Article published about us on BrooWaha. 9-25-2007: Our music will be featured on WomensRadio.com soon. 9-25-2007: D. D. Rocker will feature our music on her Wednesday show, Iron Maidens, airing out of Ottawa, Canada's CKCU-FM 93.1. 9-18-2007: Recording is finished on “Merry Christmas Song.” Listen here and pass it on! 9-12-07: “Follow Me” chosen for Acoustic Fuel’s compilation CD. 9-4-2007: Spent 5 weeks in the top 10 of FMQB's AC Charts. 8-28-07: #6 on FMQB AC radio charts! 8-28-07: “Save Me” featured on NetteRadio. 8-26-07: In rotation on Girls Own Radio. 8-14-07: Joey Stuckey’s Audio Style - "Save Me" enters into heavy rotation. This show broadcasts on evolvingartist.com every Tuesday night at 7pm EST. Features music and interviews with today's hot new artists, as well as past and current musical greats. 8-13-07: Mark Allender of Bowed Radio enthusiastically agrees to podcast "Rapture," or both soon! This is a great podcast focusing on bowed instruments. 8-6-07: Chosen for GoGirlsMusicFest '07 Compilation CD! 8-1-07: We broke the top 10! "Save Me" - FMQB's AC charts! 8-1-07: In order to help raise awareness and funds for the genocide happening in Darfur, HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) is putting together a digital soundtrack of 25 songs. 100% of the proceeds will support the cause. Our song, "Hopeful" and possibly one other will be included. Get involved at hopeartists.org. 7-31-07: KFOG – off air interview. KFOG supports local musicians. 7-28-07: Read stories behind the songs on www.RockWired.com. The printed interview will be posted a few days prior to the airing of the song on 7-28. Read it and then listen to KTSTFM! Link to full text of interview here. 7-27-07: mi2n, Music Industry News Network, gives us some news coverage! 7-24-07: How soon will "Save Me" make it into the top ten on FMQB's AC charts? We're now at #12. 7-17-07: FMQB's Ac charts - we're at #13. 7-17-07: Picture selected for the front cover of "The Indie Bible" 9th Edition, 2008.

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