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Afton Shows Booking Review: MyAfton.com Presents Awesome Orlando Music Showcase:

Afton Shows Booking Review: MyAfton.com Presents Awesome Orlando Music Showcase: recently I began receiving booking from myafton, and I thought I'd share my positive experiences as a result of it. When Mike Radie first asked me to do showcases, I lacked confidence in my ability as possibly being an entertainer, but the emails were kind and encouraging and I was able to feel emboldened enough to do it. Aside from that, Mike Radie has always kept the lines of communication open, answered my questions, sent selling tips and promo ideas, and did it promptly. He was quick with finding me venues that he thought would work for me, and the whole Afton company made me feel like I had what it takes and has faith in me, so, I in turn have faith in them.

What's up fans?

I haven't posted anything musically in a while, and I'll probably be only doing like :20 second teasers from here on out, and when "Get Your Life!" drops next June, I'll really amp up promotions and what have you. I have decided to go with one seven, maybe eight song album, and the tracks are: 1. Skinny Chick 2. Super Slut 3. Dumb It Down 4. Skinny Chick Remix 5. Hot Mess 6. Get Your Life (Title track) 7. Homolicious and maybe "Fat Chick" if I can get it written.

Two Mini Albums

I have split my one ten-song album into two five song albums so I can have time to promoted each of my songs adequately. The titles are "Get Your Life!" And "New Rules"

My mini album

I'm currently working on my little mini-album, called "Get Ya Life" and have so far wrote Skinny B!tch (with the edited version Skinny Chick"), Hot Mess, and I'm currently working on "New Rules" and "Dumb It Down", and I should be writing "Fat Chick" in the near future as well as the title track "Get Ya Life!" as I'm sure you can tell, I'm not recording these song in a studio, I'm using audacity and a microphone, but I hope you enjoy it all the same, I probably won't studio record these until next May, I'm a broke ass lol have a great day!



Hey, Reverbnation, I'm just saying hello and welcome to my page! I don't know how long I'll be here doing music, since it's like a thing to do whilst bored, but I hope I keep you entertained along the way! Happy readings, and safe passages!