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Diary of a Broke Rapper

Hoping to get some music done soon, been on delay considering im homeless. Luckily i have family that will let me stay with them but all my things are in storage. my writing continues, i just cant bring y'all any audio for a while.

Diary of a Broke Rapper (6-3-13)

I got a coupon for that!! its only illegal if you get caught. True !!

Diary of a Broke Rapper (6-2-13)

Its said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is reality! Happiness comes for a persons soul, not the surroundings or material things. When your young everything seems so urgent, but all you have is time. Peace!

Diary of a Broke Rapper (6-1-13)

Life has some wicked curve balls!!! Just because i don't hit the first few doesn't mean i cant hit the next one.When I do its gonna be a grand slam!! I gotta stay humble by thanking GOD for the training to be a better person.

MN Stand Up!

Its a popular saying where I'm from but its not practiced all that often. I been asking for singers and mixing mastering help and i get no responses, whats that about? Its supposed to mean MN help each other with what can but even the all mighty dollar can't get me anywhere. I guess thats what puts me ahead, i do all my own footwork and behind the scenes shit!