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If you've been around the past few months, you know that Tombeau Road has gone through some major changes. One being a new baby to my family, pushing Julie to make the decision to step away from the group for the time being. A short while after that, our Bass player took a trip out of a state for a few months. Upon receiving news of the long trip, our former drummer Dan decided he too wanted to spend more time with his young children, and stepped away, which lead us to the search for our new drummer. David Beall stepped in to fill the position, and though having never played country music before, is doing a great job with one whole show under his belt. We have been blessed in the fact that we are still working every weekend from now through September, and the shows seem to be getting a little bigger. We all want to say thank you for the support you've given us over the years, and look forward to seeing you all soon. We love to hear from you, and hear stories from friends of yours who tell us how they came to know of our group! I can't imagine being anywhere else right now, having a great band around me, as I push to make a dent in the original music I have been meaning to get out for some time, and spending time with my wife and daughter when we aren't out. Of course it's every musician's dream to be able to thrive in their field, but the reality for the moment is, people enjoy what we are doing, and we Love giving people a brief escape from their daily lives. Please share our band with your friends, and make plans to come see us soon! We love meeting new people! Have a great weekend, and God Bless.

~Ben~ Vocals/guitar

Kris Parkinson
Kris Parkinson  (over 2 years ago)

Tombeau Road is the best! Always will be!

Baby in the band...

Things have taken an interesting change if only for a short while around Tombeau Road. Julie will be having a baby very soon, and due to that, she has been absent for a few weeks.Filling in for her is a friend of the band from Janesville. Amber Skillman. Our bass player Mike is away visiting family in Tennessee and FLorida, so we have been blessed enough to have Michael Breeland join us while he is away. We have had a great 2013, and we know without you all it would be just another day. We are continually pushing ourselves to find new venues and festivals to play, and working to grown our sound and the production value of our show to make it that much more exciting. By the end of April, I will be a dad, and I don't know what that will lead to, but family has been the focal point of our group since day one. We hope Mike Skender is enjoying his time away, and he comes back with some fun stories and idea for us. Stop out this weekend with us and hang out at the recently remodeled Hiawatha Bar in Sturtevant.


Hey y'all, we are coming up on valentines day soon, and want to let you all know what's been going on. As you may know, Julie is pregnant. She has two or three shows left in her, and it is her plan to step aside for a while at the end of this month. We have acquired another woman to step in for Julie until our baby arrives. Julie will be on leave until around the end of June. We have been booking shows like crazy, and we are super excited about that. We are looking forward to what happens with our music this year. Thank you for all the support! See you out "on the road!"

Keep chugging along

We have a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe here in the Tombeau Road camp. Next year hold a few surprises, and we are excited to share them with you as them happen. We have had a blast this year as we have played just short of 50 shows to date. It was our goal to hit 40 and we crushed it with the help of our manager Tina DaSilva, who as of the end of this year will be stepping down completely. We want to thank her for her work and support. We have been introduced to the market in Milwaukee recently and just this past weekend we officially joined WAMI. Which means we not have the ability to win certain things through the organization. By sharing our band with others, and continuing your support, it gives us a leg up on the competition. There aren't enough words to express our gratitude for the progress we have made thanks to you all. We will continue to give you guys our all when we preform. See you this weekend in janesville if you can make it. Thanks and God Bless.


Latest fun

Hey y'all, Ben again. we at Tombeau Road are hoping now that school is back in session and summer is officially over, that you enjoyed your time with kids over the break. We have been hard at working booking NEW venues and branching out to new cities and towns! It feels surreal to have things going at the rate they are. Thanks to your continued support, we are now playing in Chicagoland area, a bit around Milwaukee, and are working to expand beyond that. Given that we have been booked into some venues we never imagined would happen so quickly, we have had to alter our music, and get more snappy up-beat stuff. In my opinion (Ben-Guitarist/vocals) we should still do some slower stuff, because Julie nails anything she sings, but can stop the world when she belts out a ballad! Her voice is amazing. I just posted a few clips of us out and about at some different places, and would love if you guys could check out the songs and share them! We have an open weekend this coming weekend, and intend to use it to our advantage and tighten up some new material. We are always open to suggestions for new songs, so if you know anything that you would like to hear us do, please let us know. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! God Bless!!!


Hey Y'all, Ben here!The past two weeks have been amazing for Tombeau Road. We have had a few opportunities to play a some amazing venues with awesome potential for crowd size and they did not disappoint. First we were at the Route 20 Outhouse in Sturtevant, WI. It was amazing, and to those of you who came out, you saw it first hand. We are very flattered as they have asked us to represent their venue in the local 4th of July parade! Thursday morning in Racine, WI we will be rolling around town playing some country music! The other amazing venue we had the chance to play at was the Budweiser Pavilion, and that was due to the fan vote that you all helped us with! It was the largest crowd we have played to as Tombeau Road, and we made a few great connections there. Again THANK YOU for getting us there. I know for me Personally, it is gonna be a goal to start playing bigger shows more often, but we love to play at the local bars, and meet everyone. Your support is as always, what keeps us playing! Needless to say, we are aiming for a few more fairs and festivals for the fall, and hopefully by next summer, we will be playing Country Thunder and Country USA. Who knows? So, with all that said, tomorrow we have our first show that will not be on land. We will be playing for the Lake Geneva Conservancy on one of the Gage Marine boats. These babies are HUGE! We just hope it can stay dry. As most of the time we are playing outside, mother nature doesn't seem to cooperate with us. We will be at Hemingway's in Lake Geneva Next week Friday on July 5th, so come out and hang out with us! We hope to see you there!

Nashville weekend!!!

Hello once again everybody! Ben here. Sorry it took me a month to write another post, but things have been getting busy for us, and between real life and music life, we haven't had a lot of down time. As is the case with most musicians, we are hoping one day to make music our real jobs. Julie and I are going to Nashville for a little bit of fun this weekend, and maybe for a little networking as well. We have been working on some original music over the last few months, and as soon as we get the songs to the rest of the band, we expect to start playing them for you all. It has been amazing hearing the positive responses from people, that they really like what we are doing. We are looking to make our next step, and hopefully this weekend we will be able to figure out what that is supposed to be. We just celebrated Julie's birthday, but the trip down the Nashville is an extension of the celebration as we will be meeting some good friends of our who live in GA. Julie got a new Luna Spalted Maple guitar, that she is looking to name something really awesome, so feel free to submit an idea. I will try to post a few times over the weekend what we are doing, and some pictures to keep you all in the loop. Check back for our ever-expanding schedule. We hope to see you out at a show soon. God Bless!

Crazy weekend!

Hello everyone, it's Ben again! Things have been growing at a very pleasing rate for us around the Tombeau Road "camp". We are so thankful for our booking agent that we have come to refer to as our "handler" Tina. She has been working very hard to keep us busy on the weekends lately, and it doesn't look like she has any plans of cutting back throughout the summer! We had an amazing weekend working at Heminhway's with two great bands, one we had worked with in the past, County Line, as well as Stateline band, and MAN can these fellas play some Country Music!!! It's always great to make some new friends in the business as it is a great way to get out to new markets! Keep your eyes on the schedule as we are branching out, and as it stands we have two shows in Milwaukee throughout the rest of the year. We hope to add more, so if you know anywhere that might enjoy a little Tombeau Road, please feel free to share us. As always, we really truly appreciate your support. Have a great week, and God Bless.

Good morning!!!

Hello again everybody, it's Ben. I just want to take a minute to thank those who were out in Kenosha for what proved to be an interesting night. We are looking forward to our summer schedule as we have a great mix of locations and types of venues ranging from the barroom to Budweiser pavilion thanks to you all! We also have been connected with a few outdoor venues this year! We are all very excited to see where the year takes us in all that has transpired since our new "handler" or what most people would call an agent, has joined our team. It takes a lot of work to keep all of our schedules in line and be able to book shows when the entire band is available. Thanks for checking in with us! Please check back for our schedule, and share our page! Thanks all!!!

Good Friday!

Good Morning all, it's Ben again, and I just want to take a minute to wish you all a relaxing and fun Holiday weekend! I know Julie and I have a lot of stuff going on with a show tomorrow night in Walworth at Cruise in, as well as we are playing for our Church's Good Friday service tonight. Sunday we are watching our Sister and Nephew get baptized at Ecclesia Church in Kenosha! Life has been an amazing blessing lately, and we are so thankful to all of you who are helping us get more recognition! Enjoy your family time, and we will see you "on the road"