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What's your take on music that gets airplay these days?

Me personally...I can't stand it. Everyone sounds the same and they are all biting the same style. And don't even get me started on lyrical content. Who is the one in charge of selecting these songs? Someone needs to find that person and kick them in the dick. Or vagina. I ain't prejudice. After that swift kick, hand he/she one of my albums or one of my boy Killah Cane's albums. Anything. As long as it is something different than this same old crap we hear everyday. And to any other independent up and coming artists that read this...stay real. Don't talk about things you don't really do. Don't claim to be gangster when your pants are tighter than my girlfriend's. Just be real and have fun with it. Naw mean?

That's my rant for the week. Tune in next week when I will be discussing the difference between...hell I don't know what I'll be discussing but I'll make it interesting. Put one in the air y'all. Luigi out.

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Just wanted to say thanks to everybody for downloading my app. I personally will be updating it frequently so if you ever want to get at me, feel free to drop me a message through any of my links. Thanks for the support y'all!