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KC ARMY!!!!! I JUST LAUNCHED my kickstarter to fund my next album! I'm super excited and nervous!! here's the link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kellycarvin/kelly-carvin-ep-and-music-video if you could pledge and or share w. your peeps that would be AWESOME!!!

Kickstarter coming soon

Hey hey! Sorry I haven't written in awhile! Been pretty busy writing, playing and working on this kickstarter! Oh, did I tell you I'm going to be doing another kickstarter? I am hoping to launch it by the middle of May and hopefully will have a new CD out ASAP - with your help of course! I really want to make an EP for you guys, so part of the deal is certain backers actually have a say in what songs make the cut and wich ones wont. Ya'll will be called the "SONG SHAKERS" ohh ahhh! I am also going to be doing a music video with one of the best in the business if we reach our goal.

Anyway, just wanted to give you the heads up on that and see if you had any ideas (maybe some prizes you would like?) Here's a live performance of one of my new songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jXPN0ybOwM. Pretty sure this one HAS to go on! It's called "What I'm Looking For". It's about being the best that YOU can be and not caring what that may be for someone else. That is the message I want to convey in my music. I'm doing great here in town! Working on some showcases, networking and becoming a better me! Thank you so much for your continued support.

-KC PS. Once the CD is done I'll be putting together some shows if your wondering when I will be playing near you! :)

FIrst week in Nashville!

So0oo0o where do I begin?? On my way here I get a phone call from John Perry (bass player for steel magnolia) who I met my last visit in Nashville via my friend Sara who I met here last time as well. He asks me if I can baby sit his Saint Bernard (150lbs) dog Greta for the week he is away with the band bc it was going to cost him so much money to put her in a kennel. I say sure! So, the plan was I was going to stay at Meg's house (the singer for steel mag) to watch Greta. Well, long story short - I pick up Greta the next day with Sara (mind you this is my SECOND day in Nashville) at Petsmart from just getting groomed. With in 30 minutes Greta was having trouble breathing and was acting weird.. in an hour she DIES in my backseat! We tried to rush her to the pet ER but it was too late! :( This kind of crazy sh!t only happens to me I swear! Most people's cars break down on their first move to Nashville, or their gear gets stolen.. me? Nope! Just WEIRD and very very sad!! :( John is heart broken and so is the band. I feel so bad... :( RIP Greta!!! Anyway, the city is AMAZING! There is so much to do and so much inspiration around every corner! The people I am living with are great (not in the industry) but super supportive and fun to be with! There are a TON of sexy musician boys :P but yes, I am focusing on KELLY and not no boys this time around *although they do call for some great inspiration... ** haha! Anway - that's about it for now! I am going to try to post something every week so stay tuned for more zaney stories!! My friend xtina says I need a reality TV show! -Kel

Art All Night and More!

Hey guys, It's been a little while so it's time to catch up! The mini tour down south was awesome! We had a great time and got to spend 3 nights in Nashville, TN! I loved it there so much that I decided to go down for a whole month, possibly moving there depending on how it goes the month I am there (July 6th - August 6th). I figure I'll really get my feet wet and totally see what it's about in that time. 3 days certainly was not enough!

So, on that note I would LOVE to see you before I go! I am playing a FREE show tomorrow night!!! (SATURDAY JUNE 16th) for ART ALL NIGHT on the INDOOR stage at 4:45pm. 675 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611. Parking is located at 640 South Broad Street.

About ART ALL NIGHT: Art All Night-Trenton is a 24-hour long arts extravaganza occurring annually on the 3rd weekend in June. AAN encourages any artist of any age, medium or skill level to submit one piece of art of their own creation for display in a gallery-like setting. It is free to submit art and free to attend. At Art All Night-Trenton 2011 almost 900 artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums submitted work and more than 13,000 people attended! CLICK HERE for additional INFO on the history of Art All Night (It's literally ALL night from 3pm Sat - 3pm Sun! )

I was also on the FRONT PAGE of the Trentonian! In promotion for Art All Night! You can get the article HERE!!

Other then that, I will be back in Jersey for the month of August for some shows and I'll let you know if I decide to make the move full blown! I'm pretty sure I am going to want to move there, but I don't want to jump the gun and say I am and then not end up going...


Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you at ART ALL NIGHT!!!

Made frist round of "The Voice"

So, I made the first round of the voice but didn't make the second round. I feel like one day it will be funny that all these shows told me no.

I was kind of upset about it because I had such a good feeling about the show. I guess you don't always get what you want, you get what you need. The lady said "you have to work on your voice and your stage presence". I was taken back, but maybe I do need to work on it more. There is always room for improvement. I just KNOW I am going to watch that show this season and say "I can sing that better then her/him". But, it's a TV show, and as much as they say it's about the VOICE, it's about more then that. It's about what that ladies idea of a pop star was. Obviously the women who let me through saw that in me, but this one didn't. OH WELL!

Anyway, I just got out of the studio with Maureen Gallagher. I re recorded my song "revolution" for the 4th time tonight. I think I finally captured its magic the way I want to. I picture that song as a pop song that everyone can relate to. I hope it comes out that way. Maureen is creating a TV show called "The American Songwriter" and she wants my song to be the theme song. She has the same vision for it as I do, and I really enjoyed her guidance tonight in recording. She gave me a lot of spunk, ideas and love to help me get the right performance. Can't wait to hear the final version!

That's it for today. Write me back so I know you are reading this!! 3Kelly

Album Finished!

The album is done! The CD Release is DONE! How exciting! I really am going to open myself up to the universe for good to come from all this hard work. I know that I have what it takes, and I know that with the right attitude I can and will go far.

I don't care about the money fame and fortune. I only want to share my art and love for what I do. I hope that when people hear this album they say "wow that girl is living the life she wants to! Maybe I can do that too!". That's all.

With that said, we have so much work to do!! We have to get this CD around the world! It will be on Itunes shortly and that is when I will really need some people power!

If you would like to help spread the music (because you genuinely WANT to and CARE to) Please contact me at KIT@KellyCarvin.com or you can just send them to my website.

I love my life and I love you!!! 3 Thank you!!! -KC

ps, Stay tuned for more blogs!!

American Idol

So, I made American Idol last year for the first try out, but this year I wasn't so lucky. It was a great experience though!! Thank you to everyone for your support! I encourage any singers out there to just go! It is a lot of fun! Random people all over singing together and having a blast! I heard someone say "I wish it was like this everywhere!" and I said "Like what? People singing together in every corner?" lol. I mean it was a little annoying sometimes because you had those people who were doing annoying warm ups and singing really loud in the corners. It's so funny though. The best are the people who can't sing at all. There was this one circle going on for hours. People would stand around and someone would go in the middle and sing the song they were gunna do. Even the people that sucked still were cheered for - just not as much as the other ones who were good. And then when everyone new the song they all sung together. I remember in one corner these kids were all singing harmonies to "Yesterday" it was really amazing. You could feel the amazing beauty in the air.

God I had fun! Everyone should go!!!

3Kelly Carvin