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Fear is the incarnating lock that prevents an exiting/enter of perseverance or just self. Put a car into personification an imagine the wreck of transportation without the Beep Beep! Ha Speech has been brought to this world to express along with evolution, so unless you want to be a caveman for the rest of your life I suggest you get WITTED!~

Still Ball

To impress someone on command is useless because it's only going to lead to corruption. Now I haven't mastered the my true art of balling yet, but when I do ball with my "Swishers" lacing will be unneeded. Now for some that may ripe a hole in your shoe, from there though ^you choose^ rather to sew them up, get new shoes, or just wear them. Which ever you those remember to keep balling even if it has to be on your tippy toes HahA "Just Do It" & be careful...

These Haters

You want to believe everything you hear and feel what has never been felt. Going to extreme measure for emotions is the uncertainty of life, and to my knowledge there is no real way to evade a question to be answered... With having this in mind you may bring into perspective the origin behind your thoughts to maybe defuse the situation for a better time. Hatred will only make you weak and unknowing leaves you empty, have no regrets, and go for what is wanted not influenced~

You & Me

Terrifying that something so tragic could be the most en-lightfull. The darkness surrounding our realm is existent though I can't get over the fact that there are stars as well.

What's your name?

The ideal thought of something is an idea, so simple to configure yet we are board. If you are here then what for... I'm justifying reasoning and well having "fun freely" as I do so. The name is Jambition YS is on a mission HahA :-p

YS PB, YS vs. PB

In the universe its hard to tell up from down so is that star falling or shooting; shooting or falling its magnificent to wonder on...

~We Are Young~

The search of the soul is what are you doing if laying there sleep... If grown, grow older. If active work out! You are who you want to be now, and if your having second thoughts as this statement being false. Then you best look who is saying it... YoUNgStoppable| I love you Pat Benatar3

Stunt Hard

The act of daring can be stepping outside, but to stunt hard your going to elevate your actions when there. I stunt! Harder coming soon...

Free Write'n

The best way to live your future is to create it.