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Maoris Update

Now that our list of show are over, we will be taking a break to start recording.

Hope you're as excited as we are!


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Line-up Change

So here's the scoop. Scott Lewis will no longer be playing with Maoris do to a recent disagreement. There are no hard feelings, we just chose to go our separate ways. Scott will be doing his own called The Form Before.

Maoris still plans to play our next to shows at Blind Bob's and The Attic. After these two shows, we'll be recording our first self-released album.

We hope you guys enjoy what's to come from Maoris in 2013.

Maoris 2013

After Dec 31st, we will begin on recording our first album featuring the five song from our EP plus new-unheard material.

We also will be working harder on connecting with those interested in what we're doing.

Thanks Everyone!

We appreciate everyone's support! However, we do need you guys to continue support and sharing us! We can't tell you how much we need and want your support!

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