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How is everyone been. Sorry I have't blogged in a while. I have been working really hars. So far I have seven total songs and I made 6 videos that are going to be on youtube soon. So if you have any free time stop by www.youtube.com/simplyskylar . Thank you so much! Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning

New Video on Youtube!

hey everyone. Its been to long since I have blogged again but I have important news. I just made a video about my recording adventures! so be sure that you check that out. My account is simplyskylar. Thanks everyone Krenning

School :)

whoo, School starts tomorrow. I am not ready for summer to end! Anyway i am just checking in with everyone to see whats going on. Alsoo check out my myspace if you get bored, like me. lol anyway its www.myspace.com/simplyskylarsmusic. So add me as a friend and we can talk. Thanks! Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning

New Songs???

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a couple days, I was so busy. First I had a busy work week and tennis tryouts for my school too. Anyway I have been working on some new songs, but on my myspace, I am having my fans write a song with me. So if you are interested check out www.myspace.com/simplyskylarsmusic. Don't be afraid to comment me and tell me what you think. Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning

Home Sweet Home

Hey guys, I am finally home. I had such an amazing time on my trip, I didn't ever want to leave. I had to drive home yesterday and all day today. So the big news that my mom got was met the Jonas Brothers Manager and gave him my demo EP, so that is super! We had to go back to MAdison Square Garden yesterday to see if we could get back stage passes. He said he couldn't do anything now, but we got his phone business card. I hope we have better luck in the future! Don't forget to read my blog tomorrow, I might have something new to tel you! Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning

Concert :)

Whats up with everyone! I am still in New York and loving it! Today was also full of adventure. First we ate at mars, not even kidding! Then we took a tour of Madison Square Garden! It was awesome. The day finished off with me and my best friend, Lauren, going to a Jonas Brothers Concert. I was so great. While at the concert, my mom ran into the manager of the Jonas Brothers! He told her somethings that are important in the industry. Good thing my mom was prepared with one of my demo cds. So check back tomorrow, to find out what he told my mom. It is Fantastic News!!! Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning

New York Two!

Hi everyone! I am still in New York with my mom and my friend! Today we toured this amazing city. First we went to the Empire State Building, then we ate lunch at Planet Hollywood. Around 3 o'clock we took three tours, the first one was the Radio City music hall, then the NBS tour and last but not least, we walked to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Then we headed home with pizza in our hands for dinner. Well the moment that you are waiting for, one tip that Kevin Liles gave me was to always be confident and ready to go. So ready to go that you can preform at a drop of a pin. YOu should love to write/sing/play music anytime, anywhere. Okay well, talk to you tomorrow, and you will never what I will tell you! Later :) Thanks Katie "Skylar" Krenning

New York

Hey everyone! I am in New York right now. I had a meeting today with the Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group (WMG), Mr. Kevin Liles. I had so much fun and learned a ton! Check my blog each day and I will reveal one of his tips for success in the music industry! Talk to you later! Sincerely, Katie "Skylar" Krenning